Fort Rucker Now - 110th Aviation Brigade Change of Command

Uploaded by ftruckerpao on 30.06.2011

Col. Russell Stinger, commander of the 110th Aviation Brigade, relinquished command to
Col. Kevin Christensen in a ceremony on Howze field.
[COL STINGER]: I know when you called mom and said “I’m going to flight school,”
this is probably not what you had in mind. But the reason you’re here is because we
cannot stop flying. We cannot stop training. The backlog is gone. We’ll keep it that
way. Because of that and that sense of urgency within the brigade and USAACE, no POI stopped,
no flight line training stopped. You are filling in for the men and women who eliminated the
backlog so that you can get through flight school and get to the fight and be that man
or woman on the radio that the boss was talking about.
[COL CHRISTENSEN]: God bless our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines currently serving
in harm’s way to protect our freedoms. Let them know that this brigade will continue
to train the world’s best combat aviators to support them wherever the next battle takes
us. Warriors, Above the Best.