Tuto Mega | Comment avoir un compte Premium Megaupload gratuit et légal

Uploaded by ShowMeHowToMake on 26.11.2011

Hey everyone ! Today I will teach you how to how to have a premium account for free and legally.
It must be inscribed on Megapload and go on the site http://www.megakey.com/
The site http://www.megakey.com/ allows you to download a software which will allow you to enjoy a lot of advantages on the service Mega.
The software Megakey allows you to benefit from an access premium "Happy Hour" free on all sites Mega.
Download the software Megakey
Follow the steps illustrated on the video.
En France, on peut bénéficier de "l'Happy Hour" entre 2am et 14pm.
Here is the result of the tutorial, the next day, you go on the site that you want to download on Megapload, of course, during "Happy Hour", to be able to benefit from the access premium free of charge.
It must be that the software Megakey enabled to take advantage of the services.
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