Зозулица - культурный символ Евро - 2012

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bjbjLULU STB 29/03/2011 TV Host: Ukrainian answer to African vuvuzela. Together with
hamster on skates, rats and hundred of other symbols the clay whistle Zozulica competes
to be named Euro-2012 unofficial mascot. Ganna Suryadnova investigated whether fans would
love it. Journalist: This South African instrument made a lot of noise during last year s Football
World Championship. Everyone was complaining about vuvuzela TV people, football players
and even fans. The UEFA prohibited the instrument to be used at its matches. Ukrainian answer
to African vuvuzela Zozulica. This clay bird-whistle is an entry at Euro-2012 unofficial mascot
competition. The presentation of Zozulica starts with language of music and movements.
Zozulica is the eco-friendly hand-made product. Its roots going back to the times of Trypillia,
it brings positive emotions and harmony - praise the whistle the authors of the project. Aleksandr
Sokolinskyi, co-author of the project: Zozulica in its small size is of no danger. In fact
it may be used by football fans as an amulet and means of self-expression. Anatoliy Shevchuk,
art expert, historian: Zozulica, I believe, will be making noise wisely and will praise
the long times behind it. Journalist: And this is the Euro unofficial mascot candidate
in action. Maksym Berezhnyuk: When playing it, the soul is happy. Journalist: The theme
song is being played on a big Zozulica. For those present to feel not only the sound,
but also the taste, there is a treatment with small Zozulica loaves. A central TV channel
s face Natalya Rodzynska is also trying the appetizers. She even took a couple of them
with her, just as a whistle. Natalya Rodzynska, TV host: even something football-inspired.
Journalist: Approximate price of a whistle makes up 5 Euro. Saleswoman of football things
which 12 years of experience Tamara estimates a potential good. Tamara Sholomyitska, saleswoman:
I think people will buy it, why not? Can it whistle? Journalist: the saleswoman takes
one whistle to try selling it for 5 Euro. A fan from China considers the price too high.
In his country something similar can be bought at cheaper price. Lu Cia, football fan: Zozulica?
There are such things in China also. Journalist: Foreigners like Zozulica. Some even wish to
get it as a present. Mauricio Gvalko, football fan: Whistles well, bravo. If everyone brings
it to the stadium, we will go home like this. 5 Euro is a good business. Is it a present
for myself? Thank you very much. Andriy Sharikov, football fan: Does one need to blow in it?
It is ok, it is better than that African pipe. Much better. We, the representatives from
Russia support such Zozulica. Journalist: Ukrainian fans, however, believe that instead
of blowing and whistle at a stadium, people should sing there. Dmytro Romaschenko, football
fan: With songs it is beautiful. Singing stimulates players to run forward. Here what we have,
first we whistle the football players also walk and whistle. Journlaist: a contestant
is being examined by the wife of football player Vladyslav Vaschuk. Her verdict it is
an excellent souvenir with national character. However, is band stripe is lacking national
coloring. Margaryta Sichkar: if speaking about Trypillian culture, I would use instead of
the silk, which looks quite cheap, some hand-made canvas, Ukrainan style, like in production
of national overlays for example. Journalist: singer Mariya Burmaka examines the sounding
of Zozulica. She is sure that at stadiums it will sound more melodious than vuvuzela.
Mariya Burmaka, singer: I think one could organize third performance, all in all the
stadium will float in whistling. It will be pleasant, with high-pitch. Journalist: Pigs,
roosters, storks, bulls, hedgehogs and even hamsters on skates and rats are competing
to become unofficial mascots of Euro-2012. Together around 200 entries. The Euro-2012
unofficial mascot to be chosen already in April. h07e h07e h07e urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags
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