Ambassador Magma - Full Episode 6 (Official & HQ Subtitles)

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How come there's this kind of thing in Aska's necklace...?
Hmm, this is a temple.
I know that already. Ume... Ume...
Umemura Sayaka. Sekita Joon, you have a bad memory.
A bad memory?
I'm just giving you some tips as a business partner.
I can't get out of this at this point.
Let's allow them to join. It's all right, right?
Allow them to join... What? Yeah, Mura. Mura...
Sekita, anyway, please make a print of that.
Yes, sir.
Let's do it again from the beginning. Enlarge it! It's urgent!
Yes, sir!
Huh? What is it?
What happened?
Something huge is passing underwater.
Distanced 780 away, it's rapidly approaching this ship!
It's going to be right under this ship in just 28 seconds.
Captain, Captain, rapid evasion! An unidentified object approaching!
Make an emergency call!
It...doesn't work. It's disconnected!
The golden evil god...
He's trying to sink Tokyo under the ocean.
Come in.
Mamoru, it's good to have you.
The other one is in the separate room.
How come Goa... tries to contact this boy alone?
You know that they've been investigating your memory, right?
Then I'll ask you straightforwardly. Who in the world is Earth?
Is it Onitono temple...?
Ah, Sir, right here, here!
You are bit slow. You should know it right away!
The thing matters now is the meaning of it.
What a fool.
You people, if you are going to be loud, get outside!
You are the bad one.
Can you assume anything from this?
I can only think that that negative has been hidden.
Then, there must be some puzzle hidden in that picture.
What puzzle?
No! Earth is not the invader!
Then I ask you; what in the world is this monster in this picture?
These are Goa's men! Earth is tying to protect the earth from Goa!
But that's what Earth told you. There's no evidence for it.
That is...
Mamoru, we can't decide which one's good and which one's evil between Earth and Goa.
So we would like to meet Earth in person and talk.
So we would like you to cooperate, all right?
You are also...
You are also Goa's man, huh?
You are trying to find out where Earth is and then attack, right?
What a nonsense...
I'm not going to be fooled.
Ah, wait, hold on.
Mamoru, calm down.
Shut up, Goa's man!
It doesn't matter how you would think.
We are in a dire situation.
I'd like to show you one thing.
Follow me.
Look, Mamoru.
That thing went after your father.
He also said that that robot is from Goa.
But there is no clear evidence.
And that robot and that monster,
and that boy with you are completely beyond our understanding.
No way... Not to Gamu...
If there's no information, there's no defense.
Where is Gamu!
He's in a safe place.
It's a lie!
Let me see Gamu, right now!
Leave it to us. There's no problem.
The robot's moving.
What in the world happened? How come it's moving?
No, it's standing up.
No! It's trying to access its energy to the ray gun we are still fixing.
What happened? How did it open its eyes?
It's Goa. Goa woke him up to destroy this place.
Gamu, Where's Gamu?
Ah... Mamoru.
It won't work, Kunisaki.
He cannot be stopped with that kind of thing.
Call a squad from the 3rd division.
If you don't do it quickly, this place is going to be destroyed by that.
Gamu, Gamu! Where are you, Gamu!
It's...not here...
Mamoru, run away quickly!
All right, we are attacking.
It...It's an earthquake. It's big.
Should we charge into it, Chief?
Hold on.
An earthquake of 8.5 magnitude from Tokyo strait has occurred.
Around the Pacific area in the East provinces, a tsunami alert has been issued.
The golden giant is trying to sink Tokyo.
Is...Is this it?
We are going to destroy that robot before the tsunami comes! Hurry!
Shoot! Focus it on one point!
Are you all right, Gamu?
Are you all right? Remove the alert. I'm heading to the control room in the basement.
Please come with me. Is it okay?
We are now above the tsunami that is hitting the East provinces.
It's huge. People in the coast should hurry to evacuate.
Good, now Tokyo is going to be in a great flood.
His role is over now. Give Magma a game.
Hu hu hu... He's going to get trapped.
Warning. A tsunami alert has been issued to the East coastal area.
Please evacuate according to the orders from the authorities.
There's still some time left. Please evacuate calmly.
Underground is dangerous. Do not ever go underground.
It's tsunami after an earthquake? What in the world is going on?
Tomoko, Mamoru's fine. You don't need to worry.
Hey, look, it's here!
The effect of tsunami has even reached Itabashi region of Suginami.
It has been confirmed that 99% of the citizens have evacuated.
Now the capital area is paralyzed now.
We got the information about this tsunami in advance.
This information says that this "Magma" you are talking about has occurred this.
No, it's not because of Magma.
Gamu even fought with Goa's robot, too!
But tsunami is real, too.
Magma doesn't have anything to do with it!
90% of East provinces are submerged in water.
The important thing is facts.
Chief Kunisaki, there's a real-time video clips from the satellite.
Good, send it to the main monitor.
Okay. It's the D region of Shinjuku.
Magma... What a...
I'm sorry, but this is the truth.
According to the satellite, this magma came from the epicenter.
No, no! It's not Magma!
But you thought so, too, just now, right?
Didn't you?
Remote plane, ready to attack in a minute.
Ready, aim, target, attack!
All right.
Stop it, make it stop! Magma's not doing anything.
I have no such authority.
Yes, let's go, Mamoru.
Ah... Wait. Where are you going to go?
To where Magma is. I'm going to stop the attack!
Chief, are you all right?
Let him go.
Show the answer.
No, Magma. Don't touch it!
What is it?
It's gone? Gone?
Magma... You shouldn't attack it...
This place is?
I've seen your courage and kindness.
Earth! I have a favor to ask you, Earth!
Everyone thinks that Magma made the tsunami occur.
So come with me and explain.
This is what Goa did, right?
What do you think?
After you've seen Magma behind the tsunami...
But, but, that's... Miki...
Miki staked her life for Magma... I trust Magma!
Give me your hands.
This is?
This is the whistle for calling Magma.
I leave Magma to you.
From now on, Magma won't appear unless you call him.
You want me to fight Goa? I have no such ability!
What knocks Goa down is not Magma, nor me, nor something like power.
It's "the heart that cherishes life".
"The heart that cherishes life"?
When that heart is gathered, Goa will go down.
However, what should I do?
You just have to do what you think is right.
I'm leaving Magma to you for such reason.
What I think is right...
I received the whistle from Earth for calling Magma.
Relying on that hidden picture in the necklace,
We encounter a series of mysterious missing cases of people while finding Goa.
And then, the legend of goblin behind that case.
What's between Goa and the legend of goblin?
At that moment, an ominous shadow draws near to us.
Next in Ambassador Magma.
Ambassador Magma!
Magma of Justice that the Earth has borne
To protect the Earth's peace
Jet stream, new weapons
Soar up, kick the ground
Magma flies the sky today as well
Jet stream, new weapons
Soar up, kick the ground
Magma flies the sky today as well