La Cueva Negra (Black Cave)

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(TV) And now it's time for the weather. Isolated storms are expected along the entire Mediterranean coast ...
What do you think?
Well, we've already got plans for this afternoon.
Okay, I'll make the reservation
We can go, there's a free slot in half an hour.
First your name ... and now mine.
Go, man, go!
Come on! Let's go.
(TV) We ask users to act with caution and not leave their homes unless strictly necessarily due to the red alert that
... has been declared in the whole region because of strong thunderstorms.
Come on...
Hurry up!
- It looks like it's really going to start chucking it down! - Well, let's go faster or we'll get wet.
- You're so slow, as slow as a tortoise! - Hey man, don't push me to the wall ...
You're Jorge and Pablo, right?
- Yes, I´m Jorge - And I´m Pablo
I'm Patricia and I'm going to be your guide. Shall we go in?
I thought you weren't going to come because all the other visitors have cancelled their visits,
no doubt due to the bad weather. But you're not afraid of a little thunder, are you?
This is the virtual immersion room.
You could say it's the most modern and futuristic one in all Europe.
Great! When do we start?
Right now, follow me.
- It's awesome! - Sure is!
The first thing we have to do is scan your bodies. Please go into the capsules.
Now guys ... don't move, I'm going to turn the scanner on.
What are you scanning us for?
To adapt the image of your bodies to the physique of prehistoric humans.
Now, I'm going to show you a short video
a kind of short introduction to what you're going to find.
- Is this a farewell? - No, guys, don't worry
it's only a short explanation before you start your immersion.
We'll still hear each other, the only difference is that later, once your adventure starts,
we'll cut off communication to make your immersion complete.
We are in the region of Murcia, about 6 km away from Caravaca de la Cruz, and these are the Black Cave surroundings today.
Now, we are going to see what it was like 900,000 years ago.
According to scientists, that was a warm period between two glaciations and the landscape was like this
there was a great abundance of water, as well as a great biodiversity,
that is, a large number of both animal and plant species.
In the Black Cave surroundings, there were several different ecosystems.
These riverbank forests were rich in oaks, poplars, willows and elm trees, inhabiting the banks of the lakes
reservoirs and streams of water, which were much wider back then.
There was also a big concentration of small mammals and all kinds of birds, most of which were water birds.
A bit further away, in the Mediterranean forest, big animals like lynxes,
wild boars and even bears used to live among the pine trees, the holm oaks or the kermes oaks.
The western area and the mountains were colder, with forests of birches, hazel nut trees
and beech trees and were inhabited by deer, bison and mammoths.
As for the primitive people, they were already completely human.
They lived in pretty hard and dangerous conditions.
They didn't live in the Black Cave, but they used it as a refuge for their hunting parties,
which could last several days or even weeks.
Although this is a simulation, you shouldn't bother the animals in any way,
nor make the Neanderthals feel threatened.
Following these simple rules, you will live an unforgettable experience.
And now, surprise, that's you!
Man, what a pair! Haha!
Wow! Is that really us?
And remember, as visitors you have to integrate and do what the others do.
So, can we touch things and talk to the inhabitants?
To a certain extent, but you can't communicate with them directly.
Remember it's a simulation. OK, now put your helmets and gloves on.
And this is when the journey really starts ... ready?
- Yes, we are. - Here we go!
Bu.. but what?
Engineering... this is the virtual immersion room ...
What a start!
...the capsules are suffering electric discharges due to the storm ...
What a lightshow!
Engineering? Can't anyone hear me? It can't be, there's nobody there!
You've got to stop this madness!
Yes, but how? The system has an artificial intelligence.
It's very advanced, it should have stopped by itself. But it hasn't.
And what does that mean?
It means that if we do something wrong ... we might make everything even worse!
The guys have disappeared, how can it get worse?
- What's happening now? -The system's rearming! We have a chance!
Good, good!
- Can you open the hatches? - Let's end this once and for all!
At last!
We're back!
You're back, guys!
- Great!! - Sure is!
This room is closed from now!
Follow me!
- That was cool, wasn't it? - Yeah, it sure was. The simulation is so real.
Sure is, it's so realistic!
- Hey, look! The axe! - So, it's a million years old!
Shall we do it again next week?
Hey, let me recover first!