Vishus40 #6 - February 18 2012 - Antithesis

Uploaded by detallion on 15.03.2012

It’s safe to say this sick boy is so slimy
Grimey fast and furious, time me
Bad to the bone I’ll get gangsters for grandsons
Hold up your nieces and nephews for ransom
Aunts, uncles, and stepsisters too
Stick em up stick em up comin next is you
While you’re watching your back we’re sitting next to you
On a kamikaze mission to corrupt the youth
To teach them bad manners, swearing, and better yet
To eat with your hands and screw dining etiquette
Your two middle fingers keep them up like a toilet seat
And let you younger brother play football in crowded streets
That’s my two cents for future generations
So make your preparations, and lay the foundations
For anarchist nations
And if it traces back to me, I just deny all allegations
While wreaking havoc at the same time
A sociopath with a sane mind? Now that’s crazy talk.
I'm always on board like I’m crazy chalk
And When you open your mouth it’s incoherent babble just like it’s baby talk