Replacing drive axle boots at a VW Golf

Uploaded by irina25661 on 04.11.2012

Hi, this time we'll change the drive axle boots of our Golf Mk1
They are still tight but the rubber shows deep cracks
I start to remove the covers of the wheel bolts
Loosen the wheel bolts
Very important! Loosen the central nut before jacking the car
You'll need a chock, otherwise you'll move the whole car
Only the length counts
Jack the car
and put it on some wood
For loosening the bolts of the drive axle at gear box, you'll need a long XZN M8 socket
such a breaker bar is better than a ratchet
Take care that the socket is completly in the head of the bolt
Remove the bolts
Such plates are hold by 2 bolts, don't loose them
The drive axle is free off the gear box
The original boots have been good for 25 years
These ones are younger than 5 years, you see what a rubbish you buy in our days
Remove the central nut
Can anyone tell me why the socket has this shape while the nut is such thin
Remove the driveaxle from the car
For dismounting the driveaxle a vise is very helpful
Open the clamps
and remove them
Push the boot backwards
Remove the grease a little. Cleaning the joint is not necessary, the boot has been still tight
Take care now, there are different joints
This version has a small circlip in a groove inside the joint
Using a wood piece as punch, the joint can be removed from the axle
Take care that you know the position and orientation of all parts
The concave side of the round washer points outside and the spacer comes on it
Remove the old boot
The round washer and the spacer are replaced
We are going to replace the circlip
Use 2 screw drivers
This circlip is for the other type of joint
Push the new boot on the axle
The round washer and the spacer
I mount the new circlip with lockring pliers
The old boot has been still tight. Thus I will not clean the CV-joint
I will add only some fresh grease
Put some grease directly in the joint
Put the CV-joint on the axle
Use a plastic hammer to tap the joint on the axle
Put some grease in the boot, too
Draw the boot over the joint
The inner clamp delivered with the set has been too small, thus I use a universal clamp
I make the corners round
I bend the clamps in shape
One hole more
Check all and check if there is enough air in the boot
Now I use my special pliers to fasten the clamps
Perfect, it is tied enough
Mount the driveaxle
I put some grease to the inner joint
Try to install one bolt
The next bolt I install already with the small plate
Use a new lock nut for the axle
It has been not necessary to remove the wheel, but without the wheel we made better pictures
For the bolts at the gear box we'll use 45 Nm
Before fastening the central nut we have to unjack the car
Fasten the central nut wth 230 Nm
There are people which pay a lot of money in the fitness studio of my friend Gitta
In my garage such exercises are for free. Even the car is repaired after it
Now I'll relax a little and I relax also the torque wrench
Fasten the wheel bolts with 90 Nm
Mount the caps
and the repair is finished
Bye, see you in our next video