Predator Hunting and Food Plot Update: The Huntin Grounds: Episode 10 2012

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We made it to episode 10! This week we are controlling predators
and updating you on our food plots.
[Intro] The legacy of the sportsman is fading.
And traditions are being lost.
We are not meant to just live on this earth,
but we are to subdue it,
and have dominion over it,
to preserve the sport of hunting,
and to pass on traditions to the youth.
That is our legacy,
the Legacy of The Huntin' Grounds.
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And now time for the DigIn' 365 Management Moment
[Steve]Welcome back to The Huntin' Grounds! It's been extremely dry in our neck of the woods
and its kind of kept us out of the field, but that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of projects
that we can be working on.
It's predator season in Missouri
and Aulston and I are heading up to see if we can fill some tags.
[Steve] Well, it's coyote season in Missouri and any time a predator is in season
I like to take advantage of it because a predator population can be very
devastating especially to the deer population during his time year when
the fawns are on the ground.
[Aulston]We're up here on the 120 acre cattle farm where the farmer has been having
a lot of coyotes messing with his calves and even killing his calves.
So, today we're going to hope to take a few out and help the farmer out.
[Steve] Even though these are considered a nuissance animal, they are still in season.
We're hoping to knock down the population today
It's going to help out the cattle and it's going to help out the deer on his property.
[Steve - using coyote call]
Oh, here we go, how does Steve get the gun first?
Now Aulston is going to talk all kindsof junk but the master hunter always gets the gun first.
Is 30 yards not close enough Steve?
[Steve] He down. Dropped like a rock.
So, we didn't get the shot off when the coyote was in there at 30 yards because I didn't have a shot opportunity.
Took accross the corral,
Aulston could barely keep up but we managed to get the shot on film.
So, this female came within 10 yards of the corral we were set up in.
In this tall grass I didn't have a shot. Aulston was on her, she took off
and I knew she was going to go down this draw and pop up on the other side so we scurried around the corral, got set up
she popped out, made a good clean shot on her.
It is a female. Anytime that I have a chance to take a male or female, I'd much rather
take a female out of the pack
just so she doesn't have that litter of pups throughout the year. You can tell she's
either had pups, or she's fixin' to have pups so it's a great coyote to take out of the pack.
Well it's day 2 and I'm giving the gun to Aulston because he wined so much last time. But I think
it's going to be interesting because I don't know if the coyotes are even going to come in because the'll smell
all of his hair products before they even get in close.
Finally, y'all get to see the real hunter!
[Geese honking]
If it was goose season, them suckers would've been on the ground.
So where is the coyote, Aulston? I guess we know who the master hunter is.
Maybe if I'd have called we would have got something.
A few weeks ago we came in and treated our Round-up ready soybeans with Round-up.
We usually like to get them about 8 inches tall before we do our first treatment.
Came in and any of these weeds that were growing
within our soybeans, we came in and sprayed them, eliminated them and it eliminates the competition
so it can express our full potential of growth in our soybeans.
Now, one thing our soybeans are lacking this year is moisture.
We haven't been getting a whole lot of rain. Everytime the weather man promises us rain it just doesn't come.
We're definitly seeing that in spots of our food plot.
Now areas like this one that I'm in, all these soybeans are wilted is because
we have these mature hardwoods that are next to the food plot and they're stealing that
moisture from the soybeans.
Now, one way you can help your foodplot get through these drought-like conditions is by having good nutrients
in the soil when you plant your food plot.
It's going to help with the root production. Having Having better root production is going to
make sure they are able to take up any moisture that is in the ground.
Now we are just going to have to wait for a good rain to really help out this food plot.
Well that's it for this week's episode. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And guys, we're going to
start something new in our video series
that we want you to be part of.
So what we're looking for, if you guys have any tips or techniques to help make you
successful in the field, we want to hear from you. Eemail us at
and we will hook up with you and see if we can get you on our video series
sharing your tips or techniques. And until next time go out of your way to get youth
or a new hunter involved in the outdoors and as always have a better than average day.
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...and that includes this week's
Did you hear that? What was that?
There it is, right there, right there!
Did you guys see what I saw?
I think there is something else... look there it is, there it is, right there!
...came in and
all these... [background laughter]
now one thing we are
one thing *($&#
[Steve]...fawns are on the ground [Aulston] We're up here on the 120 a#&!
Ah, I keep messing up...
120 ACRE...Acre
Give me your pose that you were gonna...
[Aulston] I wanna say cattle farmer [Steve] Yeah, 120 acre [Aulston] Farmer or cattle farmer?
[Steve] Cattle farm
You recordin' me??