Queen's Athletics 2013

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>> Playing for Queen's means spirit, pride and hard work.
It's about practicing your hardest when in the gym or when you're on the court,
and then when it's game time you know exactly what to do.
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>> Being a Gael means a lot to me.
It's a pretty empowering experience when you get to put on the jersey
with the Q. It makes me feel like I'm really part of the team.
>> Being a part of something that's bigger than yourself.
It's being a part of a long-standing tradition of amazing athletes.
Playing rugby here at Queen's makes me feel just really proud to represent my school
and it's a sport that I absolutely love.
So to get out on the field there with the Q on your jersey like over your heart,
it's just an amazing feeling to be able to combine the school
that you love with the sport that you love.
And it's just an amazing feeling.
>> Being a Gael to me is both representing the university and being a good athlete.
So I think the three important qualities that any Gael should have is to be determined,
be disciplined and be respectful.
>> My proudest moment as a Gael would be winning the Vanier Cup.
I guess think of all the little league championships you've won and then kind
of put them all together, and then you have that.
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>> I think any coach would tell you that the athletes are what you get up for every morning.
I mean you don't get up for a 6:30 practice for people
that you don't really enjoy spending time with.
So, the athletes are the people that keep me coming back.
>> Just amazing, amazing people.
Incredibly talented and they come with a lot of skills.
What's inspiring about the work here is that they provide me with the opportunity
to see them grow and to participate in a sport that they truly, truly love.
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>> If I had to describe my teammates
in three words it would be committed, caring and supportive.
>> Goofy, hard-working, but loyal.
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>> If I was talking to someone who was applying to Queen's I would say
that it's definitely the place to go if you want to have an easy way to make friends
and if you want to feel like you belong.
It's a great school.
>> Absolutely go for it.
Being part of a varsity sport here at Queen's has been an unreal time.
It's been a huge highlight of my career here at Queen's.
And there's so many amazing people here to support you.
Everybody's so nice and welcoming and it's just an amazing time to enjoy a sport that you love.
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