Introducing Gmail for mobile 2.0

Uploaded by Google on 22.10.2008

>> SHYAM: Hi, my name is Shyam. I'm a product manager on the Gmail for Mobile
team, and I'm really happy to tell you about our latest release.
Gmail for Mobile has some great new features. Sometimes you need to access your Gmail, but
your cell phone signal is a bit weak. Gmail for Mobile lets you read recent emails,
even when you're offline. You can also compose email messages when you're
offline, like when you're in the subway. When you send them, the message gets stored
in the outbox. Then you can compose more messages and save
them as multiple, mobile drafts.
When your signal is back, Gmail sends all the messages in your outbox as a background
process, so you can do other things while it sends.
We're also introducing new shortcut keys to let you navigate through the interface more
easily and quickly. You can scroll to the top of bottom of a page,
and undo for those "Uh-oh" moments. A list of shortcut keys is available on the
Help page. Finally, if you have different Gmail and Google
App accounts for work, school and personal use, Gmail for Mobile lets you sign into all
of them at the same time and easily switch between them.
Gmail for Mobile still has powerful Gmail features, like search, spam filtering and
conversation view. To download Gmail for Mobile just got to
in your browser.