THE LXD - MEET THE CAST ft. Galen Hooks [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 26.07.2012

My character's name is Ninjato, which is a Japanese sword. She has a good heart,
she's very strong. She just wants love, but love is complicated. She's in a struggle.
I've been dancing since I was about three years old, just one of the little girls in
ballet and tap classes. And so I've been dancing my entire life. I was maybe seven when I started
working. I was on Star Search when I was seven and the group I was with won the whole thing.
I would categorize myself as partly contemporary, partly hip hop. I'm a tapper at heart, so
a lot of my dancing is really rhythmic and has a lot to do with musicality. That's like
ninety percent of my dancing is musicality. It's just second nature to me. It's like figuring
out a puzzle and knowing your angles, your body lines, where your muscles should be placed,
where your feet should be placed. Working as a dancer really helped me bridge the gap
over into choreography. Everybody kind of already knew my name, they knew my face, they
knew my work as a dancer, so once I wanted to be a choreographer it was a really easy
transition, thankfully. Being an actress and a dancer and a choreographer all at the same
time, for me I don't really try to think of it as a challenge. It's something
that um it's just the nature of what I'm doing. They're all coming from the same place. I
feel lucky that I get to do all those things at once. Creating a dance for an episode is
a long process that has to be condensed into a really short amount of time. I do a
lot of work at home in my room and I just make up as much as I can so that um I'm prepared
to go in and just teach the dancers. I don't like to make up stuff on the spot. I'd rather
come in prepared with something. It continues on to set, when you're on set and you're still teaching
things and still cleaning things or you might see um something that you could do in a part
of the set and you're like, "Quick, try this" and it's just an ongoing process
and you have very little time to figure things out really. It's just like try it, see if
it works and if it doesn't work move on to something else. It's like kind of a crash
course on creativity. Everybody is here because we love the project. It's it started
as a passion project, so we were all here not for the money, just cause we loved to
be a part of it. Everyone is just kind of putting their creativity on the line and we're
all working as a team. We say "I love you"s to each other and it's like we're really a
family. We're on the side in the wings cheering for each other. The fact that we're
shown as superheroes is just, it's kind of like, "Oh we are." It made me really proud
of what I do. But this is one of the few times that I think everybody has just been like
"Wow, I wanna be a part of that." I think it has the power to unite the dance community.
It's kind of like super human art.