MBLAQ Interview_Dream Concert 2012

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 30.05.2012

First of all, it has been a long time since we performed at the Dream Concert.
We really enjoyed performing our new set as well as being around by many artists.
We wanted to show a lot more, so we are a bit sad that we were unable to.
Our fans were all in glow-in-the-dark outfits with LED banners, so we only saw our fans, even in the dark.
Honestly, there are times when we don't really get to see our fans' location and face in the midst of the crowd.
But today, with our fans' differentiated strategy (LED lights), we were really happy to see every single A Plus members clearly and brightly!
GO: The creation of LED is just intelligent!
Joon: Do you plug it into electricity?
Leader: The battery is connected behind the banner. Like glow sticks, if you switch the button on, the light beams through the letters.
Mir: If you paint the letters with glow-in-the-dark pen, it shows during the night time as well.
Joon: Our fans efforts are so evident
I'm just lucky to have people that add the fun flair and decorate my words with witty subtitles.
I am not that talented.
All of our members are very funny.
It would be a sensation if they all started making appearances in variety shows.
Q.Who is your competition in the group?
Joon: Mir is a wall that I cannot break!
Mir: Before my debut, I thought I would stir a controversy but I was wrong. I was really confident in the beginning.
Go: Well you did create a lot of controversy
Leader: With our youngest member Mir's envy and jealousy, our group's bond is getting stronger and closer.
Mir: I wish nothing, but the best for myself!
First of all, our Asia tour has been confirmed. Starting in mid-June we will kick off our tour in Indonesia.
Also, for individual activities some of the members will be featuring in a movie as well as dramas.
Go will participate in a drama while Joon will participate in a sitcom as well as variety programs.
We plan on participating in many different fields.
Dear Billboard Korea viewers, starting with our Asia tour, we will keep reaching for the top.
I will be the best!