"Stars in the morning sky" was sparked by 'The Mirror" theatre troupe. (Sydney)

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“Stars in the morning sky” was sparked by ‘The Mirror” theatre troupe.
“The Mirror” theatre resumed its work. We found Tatiana Vengerovskaya, the theatre’s
financial officer during a short break of the rehearsal of the play “ Stars in the
morning sky”. I have hald the position of financial officer
for seventeen years, we started together with Valia Ustimovitch . And now we are continuing
the work of Valentina Leonidovna Ustimovitch - Honored Artist of Russia. After a long break,
the theatre resumed its work. Lena Green, our director, studied in London. Now we have
half of the troupe that we had five years ago. We have a great team; we're all friends
and share the same ideas, a little bit crazy, because they all work for free, they leave
their families and children, young or grown-up. Husbands argue with their wives. It has been
a great pleasure for us to be working together. We are waiting for you, our dear audience,
in our theatre. Valentine Ustimovitch is the founder of the
theatre, her student Yelena Grinn, not only continues her work, but she has also fulfilled
Valentina’s last request . Our studio theatre appeared in 1996, when
the Honored Artist of Russia Valentina Ustimovitch moved to Australia. In search of a quiet life,
she got tired of the calm and slow life and decided to create a studio. Its first audition
was held in 1996. I was one of the first students; the studio was expanding, evolving. Her students
grew up, got married, had children, moved to different countries, and opened their own
theatres. In 2006, Valentina passed her theatre on to me. I lived in England for a long time,
and now that I am back, we are reviving the theater by performing the play "Stars in the
Morning Sky” -one of Valentina Leonidovna’s most popular pieces.
Why is this necessary? Because everybody has a right to express themselves. The theatre
provides an excellent basis for preserving our language and culture, to develop the many
qualities required not only by us as actors but also as people. And we have a studio theater,
rather than a theatre, as a matter of principle. We work a lot with speech, movement, and sketches,
everything you can study in a theater school, but this is kind of a special educational
program. Not only was it one of my teacher’s requests,
initially I found it hard to approach this challenge, this play, it was hard to work
with someone else’s sketch. It was one of Valentina Leonidovna’s play, a very popular
and very famous one, but it was based on the day’s burning issue – it was a play about
prostitutes - the 1988’s teleconference "There is no sex in the Soviet Union". There
are no prostitutes or anything like that. Why is it interesting in 2012, and here in
Australia, a peaceful and cosy Australia? Such cleansing occurred in any Olympic city
including Sydney in 2000. Our Russian diaspora is rather apolitical, especially regarding
the Australian politics. Half of us do not know who the Prime Minister is or who the
Premier of NSW is... Everything here seems calm and nice. We want to raise the issue
by this play. All the relationships are created on the stage
by the director and her team. Closely following the rehearsals, and especially the "runs"
when the play is acted out on stage without an audience, she gives it a new life. Deep
knowledge of life is the basis of any art. Our company consists of Valentina Leonidovna’s
remaining students. Tanya Vengerovskaya is also our Chief Financial Officer, so is Julia
Metlina- Venshteyn. There are also the new guys who have recently joined us and acted
in our plays. These people were not trained in theater schools. Nevertheless, they are
all interesting serious people of different professions. Who are all united by one passion
– this passion is called love for the theatre, to which all our free time is dedicated. Yesterday
we had a play group of 6 children. All our family and relatives dedicate their free time
to it. Our family and friends help us in everything we do. We have a happy family.
We set ourselves the goal of not only to entertain the public, but while entertaining them, to
think, to feel. Some of questions remain unsanctified in our prosperous times. We do not hope to
surprise the audience so much by our skill, which I think is probably impossible, but
certainly by the sincerity of our performance. An actress from another Russian theater in
Sydney was invited to the performance. I have already been studying in Michael Ferentsev’s
art studio for 7 years. I was invited to a new position in the new theater. This theatre’s
director, Yelena Grinn was educated in London. I wanted to see the new project and take part
in, try a new school. I am very pleased that there are new theatre groups formed in our
community in Sydney, because we, as people, need something of our own, close to our heart.
I agreed to take part in this project, I like it very much, although it requires a lot of
strength, both mental and physical. Theatre is an expensive hobby. Here we do everything
ourselves. Actors forget about everything on stage, completely
immersing themselves in the production. Peoples’ lives are created during the rehearsals.
A theatre play is like a baby. His mother is the director, Misha is his father. It is
as though he draws it the way he sees it in his head as he sees it and we just help him
realise it. We are a team and must work together harmoniously and well ... Both in our theatre
and here I saw how a common cause can bring people together. This is just fun, it’s
an interesting life, it offers an interesting communication.
“The Mirror” theatre and Michael Ferentsev’s art theatre are studio- theatres and training
takes place there. Even complete amateurs come here, they still study there
I am a purely Russian person, I have always suffered from nostalgia. Here I found my piece
of the motherland. Here's my little Russia. Misha and now Lena, they are my family now.
Any communication always gives you something new for the soul, for creative ideas or for
new concepts. As for our families, we should put up monuments while they are alive, to
our husbands and wives who let us create, do what we love best, as it takes up so much
of our time.