Hindu wedding in the beach

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Very good morning..!! How are you guys..??
It's Sunday alreadyÉ
And like every Sunday
it's my turn to make the breakfast for Raquel
and yeah this is a prenuptial arrangement that we both made
aaand well, We're gonna see what can we make...
"WE" because you're gonna be with me while I make that, ok? ^^
well, I'm not that good at this but...
At firstÉ we arranged that I'll make a bit of...
i don't know how you say that...
"scrambled eggs"
well, don't know exactly how you call it in your country
but you put the egg on the frying pan
and then you start to scramble it and you can add some more ingredients..
i don't know.. hot dogs, sausages, chorizos, etcÉ =D
and as Raquel and I have bought several of them this week
We're gonna use them ;)
We have here the pan almost ready
the sausages or hot dogs already cut
and two eggs there all scared to death to be executed xD
although I think I'll add one more
I think it needs one more
just in case
that's it =)
very good.. Let's go..!!
now that it's hot...
another egg
very good...
the second one
the third oneÉ ;)
and the sausages too
and it's already made ^^
ready!! =P
This is the cool thing on Sundays :D
No the breakfastÉ but the fact is that I made it =)
Exactly.. ;)
On Sundays is HIS turn ;)
yeahÉ I already said that..
yummy yummyÉ. ^^
It looks good eh..!!
let's try it.. ;)
yeah.. I've already give 'em the instructions..
Diego is laughing at me because..
his mom has sent us t-shirts from Peru =D
but you can't see the logo because...
it's my bubbies' fault.. xD
they are the problem.. haha xD
Don't look to much ehh..!! Don't look to muchÉ :P
you can see something ehÉ
you can see something ehh!! É.at least the "P" haha =)
but if you see it from up, you can't.. haha
the intention is what counts.. ;)
hahahaha xD
ughh..!! grgrgrgrgrrrr..!!!!
what's happening with this stupid thing..??
there he isÉ my hubby :)
we're gonna have to buy "the Mercedes" we saw last time
yeah, right??? =D
that one neverÉ
no.. no.. that one no.. xD
and we have no choice nowÉ haha
You'll always see Diego driving, cuz I don't have driving licenseÉ =/
yeah, she doesn't have permission yet..
Don't have a license to driveeÉ =/
but it won't be that long cuz you gotta have itÉ
but Diego is pushing me with thatÉ
pushing upÉ or something like this...
the thing is that here is so comfortable to go on transportation
it's like going on the passenger seatÉ xD
nopÉ :P
what happen isÉ that nothing motivates me...
like something I urgeÉ
hey.. what's that nothingÉ What would motivate you..??
cuz I always say: Émor pick me upÉ hahaha :)
hahaÉ. what happenÉ??
I'm not picking you up anymoreÉ. Nooo, I'm gonna tell you, so you get motivatedÉ ;)
that's why you're my husbandÉ you gotta pick me up.. ^
Hey, I'm your husband, to love you, not to pick you up fromÉ. :P
noo butÉ
What would you need to get motivated..???
No but besides that I need time my lifeÉ I don't have to much timeÉ
you'd seen me, I go with the time exactly..
yeah, i know you take advantage the little that you have
Yeah, but that little that I have, I like to do something that relaxes me
what happens is that hereÉ You gotta study a book like this muchhhhh of heavy
ohh they are three, right?? three volumes..??
yeaahhÉ. about law aaandÉ.
three volumesÉ you tolds me???
Yeah..!! three about law, symbols..
you "tolds" me??? xD
about law, symbols.. I mean, it'a lot to give here, it's not easy here...
Soo, you gotta give it time to studyÉ. first, for taking the theory test and then the practical one...
and besides that, it costs a lot to get itÉ.
next year, next yearÉ..
no this one, this is one I see it impossible next year.. ;)
It's recorded ehÉ next yearÉ
yaaayyyÉ one year from here...
we'll see the video aaandÉ.
how do you sayÉ?? we will... compare, verify..??
yeah yeah next year, next year =)
I'll have more timeÉ ;)
yeah..!! Today is June 2nd, 12'
June 10th, 13' you'd already been doing it..
yeah, studying itÉ yeah yeah.. studying that..
Driving doesn't motivate me that much, buttttt well... what else we can doÉ =/
hahahaÉ =/
you gotta do itÉ
why did I open my bigggg mouthÉ??? =/
"a liar is caught by his own words" ladies and gentlemenÉ =D
ladies women and ladies men xD
gentlemen and "gentlewomen" hahaha xD
we've come to the beach and apparently
there's a wedding, isn't it..??
that's called "globalization"É
there's the bride
it's an indian wedding, right?? It seems thatÉ
yeah.. from IndiaÉ
Indian from "India"É.
Turn here "my life"..
we came a while to the beach.. but it's very cold...
and I haven't come ready for this.. o.O`
Hey.. what you doing showing off your legs to the peopleÉ??
lookÉ there they areÉ
how niceÉ weeee!!! =)
soo pretty..! xD
look amor the boatsÉ!!
yeah my life..
look this is my birthmark...
heheheÉ =D
HEY..!! That's the only part I knew, nobody else..
I only knew that..??? haha That's the legÉ
they might be freezing to death, right?
no, they're wearing long sleeves
the bride too..
Look, look.. there's a plane taking off.. Zoom it, zoom itÉ
there, in front.. in front..
where "in front"???
Look we'll see it there..
ohh, that one there..
we'll go in to see it...
it doesn't see it my lifeÉ
let's see if we can go inÉ
Diego "and the planes"
let's see if we can go inÉ
yeah it's around there...
but is it taking off now?? We won't see it taking off..
I'm sorry my love..
has someone thrown a little stone to you anytime???
hey, are you coming out???? xD
noop.. =)
wowÉ you can hear the noiseÉ
it's gone..
so cooolÉ!! =D
Why doesn't it go the other way..???
oh, but they are coming out for the other side, aren't they???
yeah, of courseeeshh!!!
of courseeeeehhhhÉ that's it.. =D
Diego chases the plainÉ hahaha xD
Let's go behind itÉ. Run, Run, RunÉ!!!
It's goingÉ!! It's going..!!
And here I am, alone
because Diego has gone to chase the plainÉ.
that one thereÉ
Cus it's big, so he has gone.. hahaha xD
Let's go to see The Iberia that is taking off right nowÉ
It's goneÉ =(
yeah yeahÉ I have been told to be an aeronautical engineer instead of a lawyer..
look, look, do you remember that one???
It was the one which took us to PortugalÉ. "Portugal.."É ;)
the legend told usÉ.
that there was a man who talked to the airplanesÉ
it's gone..
how was it..?? it came out okay or not??
yeah.. very bigg..
there're three coming together
haaaaa!!!!! soooo coooolÉ!! ;D
Close the window
yeah if not everything is gonna get wetÉ
mine too..!
I didn't see it amor, sorryÉ :D
I forgive you =)
They just fell.. =!
they just fell with all the moto.. poor of em'.. =/
you gotta see it, you gotta see itÉ.!
there is a bunch of people eh..
they are up now..
at least they were with more people, if notÉ.. ?À
It's one of those heavy motosÉ if notÉ
and at least the car wasn't that fast, if not they would've been pulled..
yeah that too..
it's raining againÉ
really??? hahha xD
ohh it's just in some parts, right??
Have you seen that when you turn right, it doesn't rain, but when you turn left, it starts to rain again..??
yeah yeahÉ and there is the sun right???
hahahahaÉ. :P
this man has every occurrenceÉ Oh GodÉ!
that's true.. it's a crazy thingÉ
and now we are back homeÉ
we're gonna drink something
and say goodbye Sunday
what is left of Sunday
tomorrow it's MondayÉ haa..!!
tomorrow it's MondayÉ routine..!
a new weekÉ
noÉ how's that saying???
a new day..
a new opportunityÉ ;)
aawwww how lovelyÉ!!
aawwww how lovelyÉ
what do you want my lifeÉ??
see you tomorrow :)
see you tomorrow ladies and gentlemenÉ :)
take care..!! goodbye..!!
goodbye..!! see you tomorrowÉ!