InSinkErator - Installing the Disposer

Uploaded by centralrestaurantpro on 30.01.2013

The following procedures will help you install an InSinkErator Foodservice Disposer properly.
First, if this is not a new installation, clear the drain line of any waste. Auger the
drain line from the drain trap to the main waste line to ensure that it is clear. A typical
installation incorporates the following items: disposer, disposer mounting, control center,
solenoid valve, flow control valve, siphon breaker, electrical supply, drain line, water
shut off valve, and the cold water supply. Prior to unpacking, verify the carton labels
match each other and the power supply. After unpacking, check to ensure that the spec plate
on both the disposer and the control panel match the power supply. If required, install
the disposer leg assembly on the SS50 to SS200 disposers. Note that the SS300 and the larger
disposers come with factory installed legs. If your disposer is using a competitive mounting
adaptor, it is recommended to install it with legs. Also, use legs if the SS150 and SS200
is using the #5 sink flange. To install the legs, first turn the unit upside down. Pry
2 guide hole plugs from the bottom cover. Make sure the threaded stud is extended a
minimum of 1-1/8 inches from the outer tube assembly. Insert the leg assemblies through
the lower end frame guide hole. Insert the screwdriver into the tube assembly and position
in the slotted end of the threaded stud. Tighten the threaded stud into the threaded holes
located in the upper end bell and tighten both studs. Place the O-ring on the tube assembly,
and push up flush against the bottom cover. Place the washer inside of the guide hole
plugs and place on the bottom of the outer tube assembly. Now, youíre ready to install
the disposer. The legs can be adjusted by turning the outer tube assembly until the
assembly legs stand on the floor. To mount a disposer to an InSinkErator Sink Bowl, or
to a #6 or #7 mounting adaptor, follow these instructions. Place the mounting flange up
over the existing collar adaptor connection lip. It may require a slight force fit. Push
the mounting flange up out of the way, and fit the mounting gasket onto the sink bowl
connection lip. Move the mounting flange down over the mounting gasket. Be certain that
the threaded fasteners and the mounting flange fit into recesses in the top of the mounting
gasket. Attach two screws through opposite holes in the mounting gasket and into the
threaded fasteners in the mounting flange. The screws should be protruding approximately
º inch below
mounting gasket.