Galaxy Note 2 Games Top 5 on Android Androidizen

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 04.11.2012

is easily one of the best zombie shooters and Galaxy Note 2 Games
out today.
The graphics are absolutely fantastic and the game play's incredibly fluid
and honestly this is one of those titles you're going to want to check out on your Galaxy Note 2.

Absolutely stunning.
The game has in app purchases but that's no bad thing. For a free
title they've done a great job, not your usual run of the mill titles from gameloft

one of the best Galaxy Note 2 Games
available on Galaxy Note 2 today.
Shadowgun Deadzone offers third person
shooter combat
full multi player
based on the Shadowgun game.
It's a separate download to Shadowgun,
well worth it though, fantastic graphics I mean you're almost looking
at console quality graphics.
Game play is fast, fluid and responsive a Galaxy Note 2 Games great.
Makes this one of the go to games
if you want to show off what your Galaxy Note 2 is capable of.
Best football game in the world,
on mobile
Fifa 2012
easily is the best mobile game available.
and easily
on the Galaxy S3
makes it
effortless to play.
The extra screen real estate, fast processor... this is the football game
you're going to want.
If you've got a Galaxy Note 2 Games
there is no equal.
Death Dome sets the bar incredibly high for infinity blade style slash
This really is a stonking title and it really makes your Galaxy Note 2
Frame rate is absolutely stunning throughout
some great concept going on with this game.
You're really going to want to use this one to say to your friends, hey
look what my Galaxy Note 2 can do.
Need for Speed Most Wanted is easily one of the best games on any
mobile device. On the Galaxy Note 2
it's essential. This really does show off what your phone is capable of,
from high frame rates to fast load times
Need for Speed Most Wanted is definitely a Galaxy Note 2 Games to show off.