Receita de Cupcake de Nozes e Abacaxi e Drink Sua Mãe - S02E04

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Hi! Starting another I Could Kill For Dessert!
And today’s show is very special, it’s Mother’s Day Special!
I’m going to make a gorgeous coconut cupcake with pineapple!
And a cocktail, "Your Mom"...
Yeah... the colour isn’t too pleasant right...
... that is for you to drink with who? With your mom!
Shall we?
I’m going to start with the pineapple that we will use to decorate the cupcake.
So, what am I going to do?
I’m going to thinly slice the pineapple, very thin,
place it on the silpat and it will go to the oven to dry out at 110C.
We will make a dry pineapple!
For the cupcake’s frosting first I’m going to beat the cream cheese.
Guys, all the recipe’s ingredients and the complete recipe are on the website.
Just check it out and you can get the entire recipe, ok?
The butter, unsalted butter, and I will mix it until it’s fluffy.
“Mix it, mix it, mix it”
So, the cream cheese with butter is already white, look, and it’s fluffy.
Now you just take the powdered sugar and sift it on top of it.
Are you sure it’s all this amount of sugar?
“Yes! Sugar for the whole family!”
All this...
Couldn’t you have sifted it before?
And you dropped a little bit there look...
A little spoon of vanilla and just mix it for 5 minutes.
The cream is ready, now we’ll take it to the fridge
and then when we are about to use it
we have tot mix it a little more with the electric mixer so it can be lighter.
The cupcake’s dough is very simple!
I will start mixing the butter.
The sugar.
One small spoon of vanilla.
And let’s mix them!
"2 eggs, one by one!"
Now the most delicious ingredientes for the cupcake and I’m sure my mom will like it!
"I do!"
Pineapple, mashed bananas, coconut, chopped nuts or processed, and I will mix it a little more.
Now flour.
Baking powder.
Baking soda.
Ah, I will add a little pinch of salt!
Salt in the dessert?
Look but, if you have an electric mixer what’s the deal with you having to mix it by hand?
It’s because the mixer will do it too fast and all I want is to mix the flour with the liquids just a little...
But there’s the low speed in the mixer...
No, no! It’s no good!
It has to be delicately with a spatula! "With a spatula, folks!"
From the top to the bottom, the movement is always like this.
So, to me you’re doing it from the bottom to the top!
Yeah, it's true...
Now just fill the little cups.
The cupcakes are ready, they were in the oven for 40 minutes and now I will make the cocktail for us to drink!
“Pineapple, water and lemon”
Your Mom Cocktail!
Now I’m going to strain the pineapple juice.
Some little ice cubes.
And the best of it all:
one shot of gin,
one shot of Parfait Amour.
Because your mom is pure love!
But what is the Parfait Amour?
It’s an Orange Liqueur!
It’s an orange liqueur... purple?
This thing must be very natural (not!)...
Now what, those who can’t find Parfait Amour can do what?
They can use any other orange liqueur!
"Lemon on the edges"
Yeah, the colour isn’t very pleasant right...
No, but let’s see if it tastes good?
Wow, I could spend the entire day drinking this with my mom!
Now everything is ready, let’s decorate the cupcake!
Here’s the deal with the pineapple:
we left it in the oven for one hour, remember?
The thin slices?
Right after it came out of the oven I placed them on the mini muffin trays so they would look like little flowers...
Of course that everyone has mini muffin trays at home (not!)...
Let’s decorate them?
It’s ready!
The bad part is that I get it all over my mustache...
And this was our Mother’s Day Special,
I hope you enjoyed it!
The cupcakes are gorgeous, can you see them?
I made a little pineapple flower!
The cutest thing in the world! "The famous flourish"
And it’s super tasty too!
The cocktail was delicious too, you can spend all weekend long drinking it with your mom!
Mom, big kiss! I love you! Happy Mother's Day for you!
I don’t think I’ll be around here! And that was it! Oh, may I cry?
And this was our Mother’s Day Special! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!
Mom, kiss!
I Could Kill For Dessert, and you?