Berry Parfait Recipe

Uploaded by NCPAD on 17.05.2010

Hi! Today we’re going to make berry parfaits. As I mentioned in the grocery store berries
are very rich in antioxidants which are very important ant-cancer and health promoting
substances that are found in a lot of produce. So here we have some strawberries and blackberries
which are both very rich sources of antioxidants. And we have some fat-free strawberry yogurt.
You can use whatever berries you want and whatever flavor of yogurt you want. So this
actually makes two servings and each serving is only 70 calories, so not very much. So
we’re going to start by putting some fruit at the bottom. And you just want to have those
mixed up. We’re going to add some yogurt so we’re just going to basically layer the
fruit and the yogurt. And we’re going to add some more fruit. This is a great either
dessert or it can be a great breakfast, whatever you want. And now we’re going to top it
with some more yogurt. Perfect. And now we’re going to end by sprinkling some crumbled up
graham crackers on top. I used whole-wheat graham crackers just for a little bit extra
fiber. We’re going to sprinkle those on top. And there you go; you have your two servings
of berry parfait.