PIFS Opening Ceremony with Leung Kwok Hung

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Thank you and thank you for coming here tonight
at the beginning of this New Year
I'd like to thank last year's committee
for doing a great job
they worked very very hard last year
and they've also done a very good job for training
the people you see on front here; they are our new committee, so on behalf of the English Language Centre,
let me just say welcome to you all
And I'm sure that last year's committee
have something to say to you, so let
just invite Amy of last year's
committee to say a few words... Amy ...
Good evening everyone
PIFS has been doing a great job promoting English in this
in this semester PIFS will continue its objectives
and traditions
We will continue to
present excellent movies
from all over the world
to PolyU students and staff
Now, I'll pass you over to Grace, to introduce the rest of the committee of 2007, Grace
Thanks Amy, and thanks very much for the support from the advisory board
so right now I'd like to say that to achieve the mission here
we are not working as an individual,
we are working as a team
so, let us meet our united and strong team together,
meet our new committee
so we have Ken as the Vice President, Andrew
as the promotional team
we have Ling in IT
we have Terence in art and design, and Kit in the promotional team
we have Jenny as the secretary
and Peggy
in the promotion team at the polls and we have Ding Ding and Tracy,
Tracy in the events and library and Ching in IT team.

and I myself as the President of the new committee here. Thank you very much.
Please be seated.
Today we have the honour to invite Mr Leung Kwok Hung as the
honourable guest speaker here
to introduce our movie,The Motorcycle Diaries
and Mr Leung
is known to be a big fan of Che Guevara. Mr Leung please, come to the stage.

First of all I have to apologise
for my late coming
When I was
in the taxi i think
if I can
can afford to have a motorbike like Che Guevara, then I will not be late
I think I need to remind you
the film was based on the diary of
Che Guevara
but uh...
I need to tell you the truth
he didn't take it very seriously
It wasn't
published until ten years
ago, which is
the thirtieth anniversary
of his death
so I think for Che Guevara, the romance
of his young days
are not very
important for him. After the
motorcycle trip
actually he changed
he changed himself into another person, not
young Che Guevara
he decides
to go on and
travel through
South America in order to
see more, and also
to achieve his goal
What is his goal?
to fight for independence
to fight for justice
for all the South Americans in the continent
he was pleased that he would be
a Don Quixote
And, I learned that
the film director of the movie
refused to
become the director of the next
film about Che Guevara
which is about
his revolutionary activity
guerrilla warfare in Cuba
Why, because the film director doesn't agree
with the political point of view of Che Guevara
I don't think Che Guevara will become
an idol for
the majority of the society
In fact
we are still living in a society that
only a few percent
of the population
owns almost over ninety percent of the wealth of the society
Che Guevara was a figure
to do the justice for the underdogs
not just
in his motherland
not just in Cuba
and not just
in Bolivia
his dream is
to confront
the capital
in terms of
US intervention
all over the world
That's why, after the motorcycle trip
he decides to go to Cuba
he decides to
go to Congo after
the Cuba revolution
That's why, after the defeat in Congo
he carried on
and went to Bolivia
and then as we know
he sacrificed his life
after forty years
let's see
what happened in South America
after decades of defeat of the revolutionary movement
we can see there's a revival
of the left wing politics in South America
This is very
to George Bush
he sent the young people, US
to the middle east and sacrificed his life their lives
for their oil company
for the manipulation
of the US capital
in middle east
But, still, he cannot stop
the revival of the
people's struggles
in South America
I was so glad to see that
i think on the
of the 40th anniversary off the death of Che Guevara
well you guys
if you watched history
I hope you can get some
from the romance of a middle class youth
who travelled to
South America
for a brighter future, for
a farewell
So, I need to stop now
i think it's better for you to
see a movie instead of
listening to my fiction
Thank you very much, have a nice evening
Mr Leung, Thank you very much. Please stay on the stage.
Mr Leung, Mr Leung, we have a little gift for you to express our gratitude for your support here tonight
Thank you very much. Thank you.
And, in a few second we are going to show a movie so please be ready and