LISA (25) & LARS (25)

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Promise it to me.
Yeah, I'll promise.
Look what I've found in the fridge!
Hmmm, tasty...
Yep... I just called for you.
Strange to see those paintings, isn't it?
Are you still into painting?
I've been busy preparing the trip... And you?
No, I would like to, but the finals and the internship won't allow it.
It's nice to see you.
Hey are you hungry?
Strange, isn't it?
Now we're sitting here and everything is over but...
...we're not at odds and we're going through with it.
Yeah, did you ever have doubts?
Seems like such a long time, huh...
What are you talking about?
Everything... The day that we moved out...
Yeah, you're right.
Let's start with it...
Why does the boy leave her? -Because she's been a bad girl.
Erm right... And the wolf hasn't been bad?
Can I tell you something? -Huh?
I always thought that was you.
You really think I would paint myself?
Do you really think I'm like that?
You know how I meant that. -Do I?
Wait, I've got a farewell present for you!
There was a girl. Dressed in red.
She walked through the forest. In search of a hidden treasure.
On her journey, she met a stranger.
He told her he was a time traveller. He had been sent to this place again and again. He didn't know why.
The girl studied his face carefully. It didn't seem dangerous to her.
She decided to take him into town.
They had only one day left until his departure.
Together they walked through the streets. Without a destination.
He told her he had never seen anything like this. She told him it was also new to her.
But that was a lie.
The day went faster and faster.
She felt the time.
He told her he didn't know this feeling. And that he had to leave soon.
Now he was sure why he was here.
The girl was sad,... but wouldn't show it.
She didn't know if she could fool him.
The last hours he kept silence. And they enjoyed the silence...
They went back into the forest. She told him she wouldn't miss him.
He showed her the light that would take him back.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
You know what happened on that day!
The day... I just wanted to show you the pictures.
Show me just some pictures? You wanted to squeeze every single emotion out of me!
No I didn't. It was meant as a gift.
A gift? Think about it. Jesus! Think about it. Just think about it!!
Why don't we solve it like we used to... Huh?
Is it gone?
Wait wait wait a minute! I have an idea. Let's get married. Just for us. For the old times.
Here you are. -Why did I have to get here right now?
Come inside. I'll explain. -What's happening here?
Just get inside first.
That's complete madness. You're nuts! -Nina... Yeah... Please, it really matters to me.
Let's just do it, yeah? -Yeah.
Let's just do it, yeah?... Yeah.
Thank you.
Don't be a jerk. It's not even for real! -Who do you think I am? You really believe that I'd do
such a pseudo-ceremony? -Damn, it's just for us! No one will know about it!
You can do that for us. -I could but I don't want to. You with your silly ideas...
You with your deranged ideas... I can't believe this... -What about you? Get the fucking stick out your arse!
And do you take Lisa Loehn to be your.. wife? Do you promise to be true to her
in good times and in bad, in sickness and health, to love her and honor her all the days of your life?
Therefore I declare you husband and wife.
Lars, you might kiss your wife.
That's it? -Yep. Thanks a lot!
Let's party! -Let's get waisted!!
Can you carry some things?
See you. -See you...
See you soon.