How to Apply a Carmen Electra Makeup Look : Applying Eyeshadow for a Carmen Electra Makeup Look

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.03.2008

Now that the face is done and it looks beautiful and glowy, we're going to move onto the eyes,
which is most important part of this look and the most fun part, but the most intimidating
if you don't know how to do that very dramatic smokey eye. We're going to use a light colored
base. It's a very sheer white with a shimmer to it is what I'm going to use. You really
don't want to use too much. Like I said, it's light color, so you really want to use just
a little at a time and put it all over the lid. It has a shimmer to it, so it gives a
nice glow and highlight. You just want to put it all over. All over the lid. Add a little
more and a little more as you see fit. You really want to just take the color out of
her eye and just add a little bit of a highlight. Brightens. It definitely brightens the eye.
Maybe a little more underneath the brow. Then whatever I do on top, I usually like to do
a little bit on the bottom. I'm going to take that highlight color on the bottom too. Go
all underneath her eye. That's going to highlight underneath the eye as well. Take away from
any dark circles and makes the eye look even. If you ever see pictures of Carmen Electra,
the eye shadow is not just on the top. It's on the top and the bottom. It's really just
an artistic expression all around her eyes. You can see a huge difference already between
the 2 eyes. I'm going to even add a little more at the top the lid. Give a little more
shimmer. Look at the difference by using a base.