QST? "Britains Got Talent" Brazil - animal talent - Toninho and the bitch "riquinha"

Uploaded by fastcoremjs on 26.02.2010

Who are you friend
Toninho carvalho
Toninho carvalho does what
I Came animal talent show
You trains dogs is that?
For some time now that
Almost thirty-five years
Ok my friend, are eager to see what you come here to show
Ahh tonhota
Stand up
This is a chicletinho (bubblegum)
Takes the bublegum
this is the 'girl rich', taking a ride with the chicletinho all cool in the mouth, but suddenly
comes, hand to head
slope, there
hand to head there
you are beautiful but it is suspected
turns, puts his paw on the wall
ahhh! I can not search you is girl
but I have an idea
is upside down to see us, if something falls on the floor
has nothing! It has nothing! Descends
back to the fall
but she's got something in your mouth, yes it is!
spits out there that I want to see,
spit, spit I want to see
is bubblegum!
Grab the bubblegum, picks picks picks
Put it on caxex (box)
Put the gum there, then I give back
Ahh thanks, closes the box
Abruptly Quits
"Fexex the caxex"
Goes to the place, go, bounce_ball.cpp
Let's jump, go to place
already free the wall
Ohh wonderful, come, get there for father
Go away
Away a little bit more
Let stand
Standing baby
1 .. 2 ...
She was taking a walk for exercise
A. .. two ...
Baby slope there again
Pull over there
Show de bola!
You are very gracious
This is the animal's rich talent
Will he be "eliminated"?
'Cute she expecting the vote'
You gave a concert, she gave a concert
Nodding, the 'riquinha' made a show
Miranda, anxious to get back to you soon for the dog back to her position, poor girl standing there
Even I would say ... Tom releases the riquinha
I would only vote after that released her, she very cute
And looking at her face before getting there just watching the little door
My friend, for you two is green
Just missing the arnaldo, ie it can get black, not black, red.
Three green, you lack a green light to go to the semifinal, and bid two hundred thousand dollars in gold bars
Man, can not help but give you green
It's for you
You went out with the mouth toy
That is, she who taught him not?
Eager to take things not realized
It was an accident, but I'm not sick of it not
She is so completely clean
Give her a kiss then celebrating