Assorted gems, 43회 EP43 #06

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You must have built up complaints against me inside.
As I look back, we argued a lot over our child education.
I used to insist disciplining them tough,
while you wanted to raise them with a nice talk.
And I didn’t spend much time with you, caring for my business only.
Making money was not all I had to do as a husband but,
I thought myself as a perfect husband,
just because I’ve never cheated on you or come home drunk.
I didn’t know you were getting sick inside.
Goodsoon and I ate you up inside.
Honey, it’s all my fault.
I’ll keep begging for forgiveness till you feel ok.
It’s all because of me….
My feet burn.
I think you are healthy to have warm feet.
We should at least stay healthy while we’re poor.
The children will be troubled if we’re sick.
Just like Boss, a man can’t have everything.
She’s so pretty but has no husband.
We’re like ugly-duckling but had a husband.
You may be an ugly-duckling but I’m not.
Give me a break.
I’m Bek Joe, meaning swan, ok?
But you can’t even imitate me.
What’s that?
A thief again?
When did you sneak up? You startled us!
Didn’t you see my shoes?
What? You think it’s visible in darkness?
And the gate lock is actually broken down.
You scared us….
It’s so cold in my house, and I can’t stay long in my restroom.
How’s Dr. Yoo doing?
Good. What is love and what is marriage?
Can’t believe that rich guy doesn’t mind living there
So, is Ruby leaning to him?
Far from it. She wants his mother to apologize her.
By the way, Mom.
Is Ms.Boss that pretty?
Yes. A born beauty.
And her figure is ok too.
How old is she?
In her sixties?
Yes. She looks younger to her age, maybe because she’s never married.
I ran into a high school alumni the other day.
At first, I thought it was Undoh Sol, cuz he looked the same.
What’s his name?
Boowang is his real name. Do you know imitation singers?
He’s one of them, using Hwangdoh as his pseudonym.
We met him at a noodle house.
You know Woobin….
There once was a bad rumor about him.
Like what?
My friend’s sister works at a hotel.
She saw him bring girls to the hotel several times.
Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?
Because I didn’t see it by myself and….
everybody has a few flaws, so I tried to understand him.
As Jade said, take it as her destiny and don’t be so upset.
Imagine she has to look after his mother for a long time.
Can’t believe this.
Younggook will do good to her instead. Ok?
We paid for his lunch.
Then it must have been Hwangdoh.
Does he live around here?
Yes. One block behind the sauna.
He didn’t marry yet because of his love for singing.
I knew it. He didn’t look like a married man.
Keep going.
He said he could date a woman 20 years older if she’s rich.
In other words, he can please her until he’s 74.
Oh, come on.
Does he love money that much?
He just know the world where money talks.
How about getting him through to Ms. Boss?
Don’t talk such drivel, ok?
I don’t. Both were never married before.
Just shut up!
Where’s Amber?
He went home.
How about going out for dinner?
Not hungry.
Jade, just sit.
Go to the pretty sis.
Why did you come?
Just to say “hi” and buy you a dinner.
I have to study. No time to idle around.
Is there anything you need? Or anything you want to eat?
Auntie takes care of it.
Isn’t it Amber who gave her to you?
Where did he get her?
Of course he bought her.
Truth speaks for itself.
Wasn’t it out of order?
No. It works again as I reignited it.
It’ll get warm in a couple of hours.
Is there a re-ignition button?
Yes, the red one.
Sorry, I didn’t know that.
It’s ok. How could you know when you’ve never lived in this environment?
Take off your jacket and feel at ease.
Come here to me.
Father, he must be your great pleasure.
He is. The younger, the cuter.
You’re gonna get enslaved by your grandchildren.
I think so.
I want to marry and have a child before I get too old.
Don’t you think me and Ruby’s DNA would make a perfect child?
If it’s a girl, she’ll probably be smart and pretty.
Please give me some tips.
Huh? Just endure and repent. That’s the only way.
If it were your first trial to win her heart,
she would be taken in by your words and gifts but,
she’s known you for a long time, and you made her turn her back from you.
Right. I admit that.
It takes time for her to forgive you.
Well, personally, I think you are at fault in this situation.
You just honored your mother’s opinion.
Ruby once told me that she got a harsh blow from your mother.
Such is the case, she can’t simply accept you...
...because of her bitter memory with your mother.
Don’t you think so?
You’re right.
I know my daughter. If your mother apologizes to her, she’ll forgive you.
You think so?
Aren’t you sleepy, Prince?
A plumber will come to install a bidet tomorrow.
A bidet?
Isn’t it inconvenient to use?
No. It warms the buttocks and feels good.
So cold….
Ruby, Dr. Yoo ordered a bidet for us. It’ll be installed tomorrow.
Should I have asked for your opinion?
My mother was a Buddhist.
Her wish was to come to temple with me but,
I didn’t grant her wish before she passed away. It hurts me so much….

Wow, your skin feels awesome.
You can get skincare services later. They’re really good.
Must be very expensive.
I’ll buy you a membership as a wedding gift.
Does that mean you’d accept Byonghoon as your brother-in-law?
Nail clippers.
Nail clippers?
Thanks, my nails grow too long.
You know our cat….
She didn’t sneak away on her own�