Story Of First King's Four Gods 1st Special (3/6)

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Never forget that.
The guardian of the Phoenix Heart greets the Joo Shin King.
You said you wanted the blood of the Crown Prince to stain your sword?
Crown Prince Dam Duk will likely not see tomorrow morning's rising sun.
Ultimately, following the orders of Hwachun's head elder who mistook Ho Gae for the Joo Shin King,
Kiha became Dam Duk's enemy.
The one who had to go is already gone.
What Kiha-nim had to do is finished.
The Great King... The Four Guardians...
The Great King... The Four Guardians...
The Great King... The Four Guardians... Great King...
Though she was the Phoenix Heart's owner, who was to help the Joo Shin King,
like Kajin of ancient days, she could only be Dam Duk's nemesis forever.
Her perverse fate...
The four guardians...
Meanwhile, on the day Hwachun took Kiha,
Guh Mool Village discovered an infant.
However, the mark on the baby's forehead was also the sign of the Phoenix.
Therefore, she shared the destiny of the Phoenix with her older sister.
Kiha, this is your younger sister.
Whatever happens, you must take care of your sister.
- Is she eating? - Yes.
We should give her a name...
Hey, Sujini!!
Sujini grew into a 10-year old girl.
She was another owner of the Phoenix Heart and also ancient Sae-oh's reincarnation.
Who am I?
I don't think I remember...
I am your master who raised you!
See your destiny on earth by the stars in heaven.
Why are you doing this?
Serving her master Hyungo at Guh Mool Village, Sujini grew up like a naughty boy,
Then one day,
she saw her lost sister Kiha by chance.
Such different destinies.
More than that, such different personalities.
- I have to find that out too? - Of course!
Get going!
- What? - Unni!
Hey... is this the first time you've seen me?
We're reserve players Duk and Sujini.
Indeed, could Sujini become the true Phoenix?
The Phoenix's destiny reincarnated through sleep.
That future was curious.
I heard it with my own ears. The Oracle of the Temple said so.
Seventeen years ago, on the night of the Joo Shin Star, Prince Dam Duk was born.
That's impossible! How can that be?
No, that's impossible!
Only Lord Yon Ho Gae was born under the Star!
Crown Prince Dam Duk! I knew there was something odd about you!
Call all the disciples.
That child Sujini is the Phoenix's owner!
I told you to stop.
Among the four guardians, the reincarnation of Turtle Snake...
was the owner of the sacred symbol, Hyungo.
He might appear to be weak because of his peculiar impudence,
but he hid Turtle Snake's true wisdom.
At first, he mistook Ho Gae for the King of Joo Shin,
This is Guh Mool village.
but he was the first of the four guardians to recognize Dam Duk as the King of Joo Shin.
Disciples of Guh Mool Village welcome the King of Joo Shin.
although he must quickly find the other sacred symbols and release their sealed power,
and reclaim the land of Joo Shin for which he was born,
he did not believe that he was the King of Joo Shin,
or even had the simple ambition to become the king of a nation.
Therefore, in the task of transforming Dam Duk into a powerful king,
Hyungo's role would be even bigger.
I heard, and Your Highness heard as well, that a priestess called Kiha was the killer.
She is Hwachun's people.
Hwachun is opposed to the Joo Shin nation and has spent over a thousand years in darkness.
So Your Highness must...
Don't call me that.
You still can't acknowledge it?
Don't you have eyes that can see?
Don't you have ears that hear and a brain that thinks?!
I, Dam Duk, want to live by myself and take care of my children.
I'm the one who said I wanted to live well by myself and with my woman.
I left, forsaking my country and even my father!
Me, who is like that, a king?
Go look for someone else.
Pick somebody who's suitably crazy like you people.
Don't bother me.
Kid, this axe belongs to you?
Take it back.
Why that...
There is something wrong with that axe. If I fix it, it will take many lives.
It's too savage a weapon for that young boy.
{\a6}White Tiger's reincarnation, Jumuchi
This axe was given to me by my father.
I learned to wield this axe before I learned to walk.
That's right, this man who was the god of axe...
was Jumuchi, the mercenary of now fallen Malgal Clan.
He was the one with ironworking skills, the reincarnation of White Tiger.
As White Tiger's reincarnation, he was brave but also hot-headed...
and would go anywhere if there was the smell of money.
Jumuchi did not even dream that he was the reincarnation of White Tiger.
When and how would he use his great strength to help the King of Joo Shin?
I heard that you can pull a bull's horn off with your bare hands.
And that no one within 1000 ri* can beat your axe skills. (*about 400km)
Let's just forget it.
Thirty total.
Your Highness, are you saying you want to hire us with credit?
Don't you have money?
What do soldiers that follow you do?
Lastly, we meet Blue Dragon's reincarnation.
A masked warrior who would face his enemies alone regardless of their numbers.
When he was young, his father embedded Blue Dragon's sacred symbol in his body.
So he became the loyal warrior of misfortune, Chuh Ro.
The problem is not the Joo Shin king but Chuh Ro's self-image.
He abhorred his human form.
However, even so...
Were you like this from birth?
From the first moment he saw Sujini,
his heart fluttered and he felt embarrassed.
So, what foundation must he lay to recognize his own person?
Would he ultimately help Dam Duk?
When Chuh Ro was 10, his father,
in order to protect Blue Dragon's sacred symbol,
embedded it in his heart.
To acquire the sacred symbols,
Dam Duk realized it would not be easy to get cooperation from the four guardians.
this battle's victory depends on speed.
We will conquer three enemy castles in 7 days and 10 castles in 21 days.