Dong Yi, 58회, EP58, #01

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It's the same everywhere. Field Marshal Jang has total control.
With no palace guards, all we have are the inquisitors and the regular military.
Right. But they're all under orders from Marshal Jang.
Exactly. Even the military.
All that's left is the Queen.
Your Grace.
Hurry, the Queen's outside.
The Queen?
At this hour? Whatever for?
Consort Choi. I have a question for you.
Your Highness.
You have your orders.
What do you think you're doing?
Ah, assuming command of the inquisitors?
You should ask the Lord High Inquisitor that question.
It was his order.
With the palace guards gone, the palace has only half its usual contingent.
Lord High Inquisitor wants to tighten security, nothing more.
Don't make too much out of it.
You're over-reacting.
Watch yourself.
Remember, your life is in my hands.
I suggest you watch your step.
Oh? I'd like to see you try.
But I doubt you'd get away if you kill me.
Then who would protect Dong Yi and the little prince?
You're all they've got.
May I ask why you're calling this late?
Why did you decline the queen's crown?
I'm well aware you could have been queen.
But you declined. Why is that?
Your Highness.
What's going on? What are you plotting?
Why refuse a queen's crown and pursue that of the Crown Prince?
If you want Prince Yun's crown, why arrange a poor marriage for Yuning?
And how did you win over the Crown Prince?
Answer me. Who are you exactly? What's behind these rumors?
How can you ask me that?
You already sense something odd about all the gossip.
Surely that's why you're calling so late.
What? The Queen is calling on Consort Choi?
Yes, sir.
How's that? You sacrificed the queen's crown just to protect the Crown Prince?
Oh, no. Sacrificed? Hardly that.
My motives were entirely selfish.
I wanted to protect them both. I selfishly wanted both of them safe.
It never occurred to me that my decision would make thinks so difficult.
Or that it would lead to..
What do you mean? Lead to what?
Your Highness, there's something you should know.
More than anyone else, you should know.
Your Highness, Lady Yi.
Field Marshal Jang requests an audience.
- The marshal? - Yes.
- Now? - He says it's important.