KONY 2012 / Another Brick in The Wall - True and Hate (Pub10 30/03/12)

Uploaded by trueandhate on 04.04.2012

Guys, I have an important thing to tell
Does anyone of you have heard about Joseph Kony?
hasn't yeah?
He's a dictactor in Uganda, whom has taken more than 30k children
The girls he rapes them, then uses them as prostitutes.
The boys, he gives arms to them, and tell'em to kill their parents.
He's the number one searched in the whole world.
To have an idea, Muammar Kadhafi was number 24th.
And no one knows this son of a *****
So, just to give a little help, type on your cellphones the name KONY
KONY2012.com, is a website that has everything of how to help this children.
And this song, nothing better then Pink Floyd to dedicate to the children of Uganda.
Even if thei aren't listening to us, by thinking we can reach them with this music.