Global Feminisms: Elke Krystufek Part 2

Uploaded by BrooklynMuseum on 28.04.2010

The iconography of voluntary nature.
Lie, liar, consummate liar. History is not voluntary. Religion is not voluntary. School
is not voluntary. Prison is not voluntary. Everything organized down to the last detail.
You have a brain as well, circuits, but then underneath the water, that doesn't work that
well. You won't be able to remove our iconography from art history ever again like a dirty mark.
That's the crucial point.
What's that got to do with me? Pete, me and other chokes, besides he did not fall off
that cross either.
Across the sea, he did go or through the sea and the fish production. He did not spread
his legs and was never erect.
Pretty he was, like me.
Everyone is pretty in the beginning. After a while, they start to look like the crew
of Flying Dutchmen in Pirates of the Caribbean.
We do not want anything to do with that. That's trash.
Like your kitchen. Johnny Deep is more known. Mickey Mouse has secured her copyright. We
will make a film out of you played by Johnny Deep. Everything digital like a Disney. The
sequel against cartoons, you don't have a chance. You will never be as important as
Johnny Deep.
Gerhard Richter versus Johnny Deep, a ghost or a shell.
The zombies made a mistake.
Was Jesus a zombie?
He would have had to invent the gridge, a grill.
Out of moldering tissues?
The shape or the material? On the bottom of the sea, there is no bird's eye view.
Compassion? Don't make me laugh. Let us assume we are going into a household and there he
is hanging as a decoration. Without the cross but still broken. Would you hang a prisoner
from Guantanamo as decoration onto your wall or around your neck? Why not handcuffs around
your neck?
Do you believe in justice, doctor?
Needles, thumb screws, knuckle dusters, stun guns, everything around the neck and on the
wall. Pills.
Seen it all.
And we only take women if they have at least once been raped.
How do you know?
That your bodies do speak, we have known for a while. Just look at the Generale Foundation,
they do have the most. Nobody becomes a feminist without reason.
Trademark violence, but there are also male victims, like Steven Pippin.
We exploit everything. Your lives do not count for the Archive. Don't we give a fuck about
how Kippenberger has lived? Main thing is at least seven solo shows a year and in the
"G." You feed the archive. We administer. We are doing well. We hike-
You live for the archive. You fuck for the archive. Some can only survive. Living is
more difficult. We have to catch up with all that. We have to work on that.
Objects splinter. Bones splinter. Can bones drown?
This is no competition. Humans and objects coexist.
But there is a power structure. We analyze, compare, put into order, arrange objects,
and destroy them. They don't do that to us.
Don't complain with your breath takes and real and false embraces and dreams. You wanted
a doctor.
But then I wanted more. The Archive is not enough. You are not enough.
Do you think you are enough? Do you think you are enough? Knowing nothing, not being
capable of anything, but to make constant demands?
I can be rich or not. I can leave you cold or warm. Not attract any attention or stay...
Where is the chorus? The other players? In each institution, there are more. Where's
the talking at the same time? The plurality of the most?
Everything printed, as much as possible. All rights requested. As little rights as possible
are ceded. I live for life. For what I arouse in you, I'm not responsible.
One can start at any point. Then mesh in that.
I know Little Red Riding Hood, Virginia Woolf.
Can we overcome the Administration?
You don't see enough. Only people who are able to see enough can overcome the Administration.
Who has eyes to see, shall see.
You believe to know what it is like to live. We prefer to archive. Before that, we promote,
of course, digital and in print. Another sip of wine? Beer?
Thomas Bernhard is archived as well. Yellenek archived alive. Jimmy archived. Everything
filed. Alive and dead filed. Some more. Some less.
Yolana. Yolana.
I soar above and contemplate the whole, not only to disvalue set arrange but search this
shallowly picture in a chance. Part time when this assemble grow to breast, dust onto dust,
within earthquake ... And all the glory of our garden age should be a war no more in
history page. The same strange marble is strike them with surprise. They burst some beat with
fracture or with bow. Whether from ... or righteous know and is high work of art of
priceless gem. Call for responsive dear or smart from them. They meet as all in this
core war to meet. One heaven above, one earth benefit they feed. In peace and simple faith,
a quiet bin of brothers reaping in a foreign land. From east to west, from north to south
they come as to a father piece, come on home. Partake with joy of all those various thought.
Impart at last to meet again no more.
Now, sing in crystal palace. Dance of mine that shall astound the world... on time. Ate
me,... Your seat is here... charm by listening ear... whose lasting beauty bears the spirit
back to roams the chance of years.
Just look around. Look in right, look in draw. Don't think too much. Look at the spiders,
the statues, don't think. Describe. The way you describe, you see the world move alone
with others.
What about emotion?
Just look. When you look you don't fall. This was all made for looking, touching.
People always want to know what the other side of the ocean.
Be my guest. You can't compare yourself to dead objects. They cost much more.
Humans die if they are touched the wrong way.
Objects break off. Look what you have ruined.
Thanks a lot for
extra time.