Russwalking: Episode 1

Uploaded by IllinoisAdmissions on 17.02.2011

Hey guys, we're at the University of Illinois.
We're going to talk to students to get the inside scoop about campus.
Let's go see what they have to say.
Where is the best place to eat on campus?
Well, I like food a lot. There's a lot of good places.
Definitely Papa Del's. By far.
Papa Del's deep dish pizza is the way to go.
Here, in the Union. I really love Rice Garden.
It's to me like the best.
The best place to eat is Firehaus
because it's fun atmosphere and they have really good food.
Bombay Grill on Green Street. It's Indian. Fast, hot, good.
Favorite food there? They have really good cheeseburgers.
Potbelly on Green Street.
You can get all sorts of sandwiches, and they make homemade potato chips.
It's awesome.
I recently discovered the Common Ground Food Co-op.
And they have - in Urbana.
I'd have to say without a doubt that would be Fat Sandwich.
The nutritional value and content in that place is phenomenal.
And they have excellent soups, salads, sandwiches, cookies.
I like Bread Company on Goodwin.
I like Los Amigos.
I like a lot of food. There's a lot of good food.
What is the best concert you've ever seen on campus?
Oh, the best concert would have to be Lupe Fiasco
when he came here my Freshman year, Fall semester.
I will never forget that concert.
I'm an out-of-state student from New York,
so I got to see Jay-Z at the Assembly Hall - front row.
It was the best concert that I have seen in Champaign.
It was Andrew Bird at Foellinger Auditorium. Star Course.
It was about 15 years ago, Bare Naked Ladies in Foellinger Auditorium.
I saw the Blue Man Group perform in Assembly Hall my Freshman year,
and they had all sorts of cool strobe lights and just awesome acting.
I saw World's First Flying Machine at a house show, and they were really awesome.
Jason Mraz, the last one I went to.
And I think it's just about who you bring with you to the concert.
You're friends make it fun. Who's playing there just makes it better�