Gaming Xplosion Fest 2012

Uploaded by rebulerom3 on 03.11.2012

Hi, i am Angelo, from Puerto Rico Digital Videos Entertainment.
Ready to pickup Martinator79 and Skyline because we are going to the Gaming Xplosion Fest 2012.
See you over there soon!
>> Angelo: Say Hello to the camera.
>> SkyLine: Here we are in San Juan's Convention Center.
>> Martinator79: Martinator79
>> Angelo: You are gay, thats is? (laughs)
>> Angelo: Here we are on San Juan's Convention Center on our way to the Gaming Xplosion Fest 2012.
>> Angelo: It's Full!
>> Angelo: It's Full guys, it's full! 7% of the line, god!
>> Angelo: My nickname is Rebulero_m3, here i am with Martinator79 and Skyline, representing PRDV Entertainment.
>> Angelo: Here we are on the line to get in to the Gaming Xplosion Fest 2012.
>> Angelo: Time to pay the ticket's to get in the show! See you in a couple of minutes!
>> Angelo: We have entered GXF 2012, this is it guys!
Skyline here motivated! Rebu! Martin! Rebuuu!
>> Skyline: Say hi! >> Angelo: You know guys, Rebulero in the line here!
>> Skyline: Oh God! :\ >> Skyline: In the line waiting, this is the only thing with came here for, to play Call of Duty Black Ops 2!
>> Skyline: In a couple of minutes im moving over there!