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Uploaded by VidOvation on 29.01.2011

bjbj VidOvation: Information Age2 Video There is no doubt that we live in The Information
Age. Enormous files, libraries, even universities of information are available to us at the
click of a mouse or the touch of a button. And it is more than the printed word: it is
images, audio, films, videos, photos. Whatever it is that we want to see, read, hear, watch
or experience in any way, we can do so instantly. To the extent that we are no longer living
in The Information Age: We have entered the Information Age2. Recent studies suggest that
by 2014, 91% of all global consumer communication will be video IP traffic, of which 3D and
HD video will represent 46%. Video will be the preferred method of communication, education
and sharing of ideas. The sheer volume of information in all of its forms being communicated
millions of times a day to billions of people, has required the development of a complex
and sophisticated set of hardware, software and knowledge tools to make it all happen
seamlessly and instantly. Nowhere is this more evident than in the television and professional
audiovisual industries, where a convergence of audio visual with information technology
has created the need for a unified communications platform. This is at the frontier of video
compression and video over IP. There are many players in this space BUT most are lacking
in networking and IT experience. VidOvation brings together all of this expertise, plus
the state of the art hardware, to deliver exceptional solutions to such markets as government,
military, surveillance, transportation, teleconferencing, pro AV, corporate, digital signage, retail,
broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, and health care. VidOvation is the
THE Innovator: at the vanguard of change, providing the best minds and the world class
products to help maximize the power of The Information Age2 and guide the transition
to The Information Age3. We are The Company whose time has come VidOvation h\=q hchb h\=q
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