How to Make a Headphone Speaker From a CD Lens

Uploaded by FossilFolk on 31.12.2012

In today's tutorial
I'm going to illustrate how to turn an old cd player,
such as this one
(Most people have one or two laying around),
Into a headphone.
Start by removing the four screws.
Here, here, here, and here.
Very carefully, like so:
Next remove the circuitboards.
Now that we're at the heart of the cd player,
remove the gear holding this slider in place.
If you like, also remove all of the other equipment and use it elsewhere.
It never hurts to have a collection.
Now you've got this little piece
which needs to be further dismantled.
And you end up with the lens assembly, this is what we are going to be working on.
You may notice that the lens assembly is able to recoil.
In fact there is a magnet in there
that can act very much like a speaker.
Next we need to determine where to attach the leads.
There should be some solder points that you can test with a multimeter.
Five ohms right where we want it.
After doing some testing with a battery, I discovered that there are two circuits:
One for moving the lens side to side,
And one for moving it up and down.
I think that the up and down will probably provide more sound, so we are going to use
that one.
Buy a cheap pair of headphones or salvage some old ones.
And we're going to use this connection.
Time for some soldering.
We are going to use mono operation so we're going to solder both of the leads together.
Solder the connections to the appropriate points.
Well it should be completed.
Go ahead and plug it into an old mp3 player and test it out.
Fairly good sound!
And then make a cool accessory.