Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | Kasparov, Negative A & Distorted Revelation Interview

Uploaded by Qdancedotnl on 21.06.2011

We're playing; The best out of three! Together with;
Ladies, are you ready?
Defqon.1, here we are.. I'm playing in the BLACK for the first time, you?
Yes, for us as well. - It's not my first time at Defqon.1, but it's my first time in the BLACK.
In which areas did you play before? - In 2006 in the GREY
Last year I played together with Tymon in the SILVER. And now in the BLACK.
What to expect from Kasparov? - I'll play a Kasparov edit of the anthem
That's one of the tracks that has to be played. - Yes, for sure.
Do you have big expectations for Defqon.1? - Yes, really big!
Well, we're really looking forward to it, we hope you're as well. See you at Defqon.1!
Woohoo, for my son!