Patiala House (2011) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 2

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Why not?
Is it against your pride?
Just because I have an interesting reputation in Southall?
Just because I ran away from home.. become an actress?
If I had made it big, you would have accepted it.
Because this card belongs to a Rose Martin.
So what? It's my mom's.
She allows me to use it.
It's not like I can't afford it.
I have quite a few cards of my own.
Movietime Video Rental, Nail Salon, Baskin Robbins, Zara Discounts.
Very funny.
You know what?
I won't pay forthe window.
Give my cards back.
When your boss deducts it from your pay, you'll understand.
Yes. Your boss Gattu.
He was almostmy fiance.
Yes, we were about to marry.
Well, almost.
No point apologising now.
And you know what? Not everyone gets a Baskin Robbins card.
You need 10000 points to qualify.
Change your doors.
Gattu! - Listen. - Father.
''Just do it.''
'Fighting against problems, father had himselfbecome one.'
'For everyone.'
'My cousin Puneet..'
'..who works at Jalebi Junction fryingjalebis (sweets).'
'Arshpreet, who works at Heathrow.'
'Jassi and his wife Priti.'
'Everybody in this house was living according to my father.'
'But were they really happy?'
'No one knows that.'
'They all knew that it was father's command.'
'That's it.'
Dolly, the police are here.
Brotherjust doesn't understand.
Is the press here?
No. Press?
Without the press, police are useless.
Dad, the police have arrived.
So do you wantme to do the Bhangra?
Father.. - Police.
Manmeet. - I know.
Relax. - Okay.
Ready? - Ready.
What happened?
Nothing at all. - Nothing.
You look so beautiful.
So pretty.
Not at our house.
Just passing by, dear. - Mother!
Father is going to fight with the police.
Your wedding is cancelled.
Nothing doing.
Dam it! Hell! Tell him not to do it!
Somebody call Aman.
Where are my in-laws? Delay them.
How can father do this to me today of all days?
My wedding.
The 1576 guests.
I'mjumping. I'mjumping.
Shut up.
Father is doing this for your house. Now shut up.
Otherwise, I won't call Aman.
Yes. - Aman, take Manmeet's in-laws on a ride.
Now what happened?
Father has tom the notice against illegal construction.
The new councillor is coming with the police.
Dam it!
Where is he? - Calm down.
I'm coming.
Here we go again. - You're here to trouble us again?
You are on my property. Trespassing.
We are here to arrest you, sir. - Show me your ID.
How many times? - Show me youridentity card.
Excuse me? Who are you?
I'm Council Inspector Harrison of the Hounslow and Ealing Burroughs.
I believe that you have received one ofthese from us.
Punjabi please.
I'm sorry?
Speak Punjabi, no English.
You werejust speaking English.
Forgot. Forgot. Forgot.
Arrested, arrested, arrested.
All of us will be arrested in front of my in-laws.
Ranbir, this here is the local police station.
Father is well-known over here.
You run commercial enterprises from yourresidence.
Amini cab service.
Amedical dispensary and now this construction.
It is against the law.
I'm a master of your law.
Listen. - Louder, louder.
You think it's ajoke? You can do all the laughing you want in prison.
Trying to scare me? I'll slap you. - Put a stop to this nonsense.
How dare you? - Arrest him. - I'll break your hands.
Who do you think you are? - I'lljump off.
What does he think ofhimself?.
Don't even try to stop me. - Can you hold him?
Don'tjump. - I'll show him his place.
I think I can help.
Gurdial Sira, M.P. Southall.
I believe this court order legalises the construction at Patiala House.
Sorry for being late Gurtej.
It's okay.
Father. - Council Inspector Harrison..
..this is what I call law.
My law.
Now get off my property.
Let's go.
..please talk to Gurtej.
Why does he do this?
The same drama everyday. Things have changed.
Things haven't changed.
He brought about the changes.
There was atime when your son couldn't get into school..
..and now you, Gurdial Sira, are M.P. of Southall.
He brought about the change.
Thank you.
It's all right. You're welcome.
Idiots! Fools all ofthem.
Want to arrestme?
Jassi, please bring father'sjacket.
Are you all right?
Fit and fine.
Here, have yourmedicines.
Fine, letme have them.
What's the point of all this?
There's no need any more.
Mother, they are coming.
Guys, getready. They are coming.
Is everything ready? Where is the plate?
Why are you wearing white?
Wrong colour.
You think we are fools to match everything?
You've ruined it all.
What about the wedding theme?
I've been planning forthis day before you were even bom.
How does itmatterto you?
So insensitive, mum.
You're not invited forthe wedding. - Don't do that.
Why are you crying now?
You have to cry when I'm leaving. I had explained.
She's got it all wrong.
Here they come.
They are here. They are here.
''Come on.''
They are here. The car is here.
Girl, come on in front. Come on.
Left foot first. Match the left foot, everyone.
Welcome. Welcome, son. Bless you.
Hello. - Welcome.
Hello, sir. Hello.
How was thejourney? - Is everything okay? The police?
They were here for a donation.
They heard about the wedding and came over.
Just like the eunuchs come over back home.
Anyway, letme show you yournew house.
Ranbir will live here after the wedding, with all of you?
That's better than not having a house.
It takes a lifetime to build a house like this in London.
No, we thought Manmeet could come with us..
Don't bother. Leave the thinking to me.
Please take them inside.
'These people are neither British nor enemies.'
'But within no time, father gave them a piece ofhis mind.'
'What goes on in father's mind, why he thinks the way he does..'
'..I guess no one can tell.
Gattu. - Yes? - Jassi.
Yes, Father? - Bring in the luggage. - Yes, Father.
You have to pick up Bobby from school.
Let Gattu do it. One servant is enough forthis family.
'This is Monty from 111.1 Sunset Radio with some interesting news.'
'Based on the English cricket team's..'
'..brilliantly dismal performance in the past..'
' emergency meeting has been called for.'
'So, sports cats..'
'..the ex-England captains Nasser Hussain, Graham Gooch..'
'..David Gower will have to spin something new.'
Mr. Nasser Hussain, can you confirm..
..ifthe entire team is to be sacked?
Mr. Gower, are the rumours true..
..that the team needs to be revamped?
Mr. Gooch, any comments?
Mr. Bedi, can you confirm that the entire team will be changed?
All right.
Parghat Singh Kahlon.
34-year-old fast bowler from Southall.
In fact, I wasjust wondering about him.
He gotme out three innings in a row in the local games.
Damn fine paceman.
He still is.
I shall convince the selectors, Mr. Bedi.
It's up to you to convince Kahlon.
That's the problem, Mr. Hussain.
He doesn'tneed to be convinced, someone else does.
''My sons are betterthan the rest.''
''My daughters are like Egyptian princesses.''
''Do we share the truth or state the fact?''
''Lest the groom runs away.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''Because someone plucked them hard.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''Because someone plucked them hard.''
''One here and anotherthere.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
Dolly said it's your daughter's wedding. You should sing a song.
Why don't you speak to father?
He is your son.
We didn'traise him to be a house-husband.
Why don't you speak to father?
What can I do?
You think these Sikh men and father will do the Bhangra..
..when you marry your English boyfriend Edward in the church?
Shut up. How many drinks have you had?
I'm still on my feet.
I can see father and his cronies.
I can still hear the music.
I need another drink.
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''Because someone plucked them hard.''
''One here and anotherthere.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
Son, come on. Come on, set the mood.
Move it. I'll slap you. - Come on, dance.
''Alad at home, as simple as can be.''
''Pure as gold, he is my son, all of you can see.''
''Heeds my words, everything I say.''
''He fulfils the tasks, whether night or day.''
''He's a gem.''
''Never disobeys my command.'' - Please control.
You mean he's your loyal dog.
Cheers to Gattu.
You've had enough.
''The strings.. - The strings..''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''Because someone plucked them hard.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''Because someone plucked them hard.''
''One and anotherthere.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
''The instrument strings are broken.''
Sorry. - Gattu, are you all right?
Yes, Mother. I am fine.
What did she call you?
Why? - What do you mean? That's my name.
I see.
Oh, no.
I didn'trecognise you.
It's been so long.
I mean, not from this morning till now..
..but since we were kids.. - Hi, Simran.
There you are. I've been waiting for you.
Come on. - Sorry.
That's Gattu? - Yes.
Simran. - Are you sure? - Of course, I am sure.
Why are we here? - Congratulations.
Do you know who that kid is?
Who is he?
Her friend's kid.
He is her own kid.
She went away to Bollywood.
And now she is back with a kid.
Dolly, think about Bollywood.
Even you would have made it.
Oh, please.
Hi, Simran..
Oh, hi. - Hi.
Just a second.
Come here. Come.