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What's up people. This is BernStewShow. Today's topic is that one up there.
Even though here in the dominican republic we dont really celebrate it. We care the most about is the Three wise men day
Aparently Santa didn't go inside my house Because I Don't have a chimney. Or maybe because most dominicans are black.
Racist old bastard
"old dominican christmas song" they probaly have grandchildren by now
Christmas is a time of love and peace,
when families get together
to share old memories and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ
Now in a dominican way: Christmas is the time of the year when you get together with your homies and drink a s**tload of rum, because drinking eggnug is for p*ssies
When you go out with you homies is to stay up all night long
and to wake up with a hangover and keep drinking the next day. Not everything is perfect during christmas. There's this things called "THE FINALS"
Yo.. I studied like crazy for this test
you better tell me then
-i ain't telling nothing -So you gonna let us fail?
-Teacher: here you go kids -students: I'm failing this
-teacher: here, here and you too -students; Oh my gosh. I'm f**ked man -student: Damn, find the sun's mass?
-Is this even possible, how the hell are we gonna do this? -Thanks for failing us
Im only putting my name, thats all i know
-what's this one? -yo, tell me this one
That's A, and the other one is 52.
-I'm telling you is B -ok, ok i got it
Good morning guys. We are the men in black
and we are the ones that take care of all alien activity, here in our planet
This is my identfication...
I'm agent B and this is agent Z
And we need to ask... Have you seen any aliens wondering around?
Since you haven't seen any aliens around, I need you to pay close attention to this little thing I have here.
look here.
Please look at this light I holding.
Have you ever stopped to think about the diference between christmas here (D.R.) and the ones from the U.S.

where my presents at? I dont see them. They are always here
Where could they be?
too bad son but the wise men didn't come by this year
But they left this for you though, here, buy whatever you want
What's this crap? I wanted a bike...
And how about the change that the three wise men has been through, in the past few years
I brought you these bananas
so you'll get constipated
I brought a BlackBerry from the 90's
so you will get on twitter
N***a i brought you this root beer but it got kinda hot so i drank it on the way here
but at least i brought you the bottle.. so here you go
The wise men of now days steal your presents
Hello internet world, this is BernStewShow News
We want to show you reports and news of what people really think christmas is
Now I leave you with the report from our reporter Envinicio Raponcio
From the streets
of the Dominican Reublic
Thanks a lot Bernald for the opportunity
Here we are at the country's capital
With a lady that's going to explain to us the meaning of christmas
-So tell us, what's your name? -Cholera Gimenez
What is the meaning of christmas for you?
It is a time to share with the family
And being with your husbands, spend time with your wives give love to your children (Government christmas bags)
Hey hand me the bags
the other one hurry up
During the holidays, here december 24th is known for the huge dinner
Hey neighboor, is dinner done? Imma go overthere in a while
Neighboor don't forget to give me my plate, cuz im not gonna forget
christmas day is known for the weird haircuts and the new clothes
and the 31st is known for the hugs and rum
One more f***ing year to do crazy s**t
its weird i haven't died yet from all the crazy s**t i've done
-wait... where's the rum? -Damn, it had to be the white guy
let's jump 'em
on christmas even atheist become religious
Bro, aren't you gonna come open your presents?
I dont think so, im an atheist i dont believe in none of that, all this is a lie
So that means i can keep the iPhone 5 our aunt sent us
lets celebrate and sing to the birthday of Jesus Christ... Hurry up give me my iPhone
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