Gur Mewa Laddoo Recipe

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Namaskar Welcome to
Today we will preapre Gur Mewa ke Laddu
these Laddus help in increasing one's strength and are usually given to women after delivering a baby.
The Laddus are not meant just for them but it can be eaten by you or me fondly.
As the winters are passing by, make these Laddus and eat 1-2 Laddus everyday.
As we require to be stong health wise to face the change in weather;
Gur Mewa ke Laddu are the best choice to keep yourself immune.
Ingredients required :
Gur (jaggery) - 300 grams
grams these have been broken and sum up to 1 1/2 cup
Wheat flour - 1 cup
Coconut gratings (burada) - 1/2 cup
These have been made at home using a food processor or they can also be bought from the market.
But Burada made at home tastes way better.
Gond - 1/4 cup
Cashew nuts - 1/2 cup
Almonds - 1/2 cup
Elaichi (cardamom) - 6 to 7
Ghee - 1/2 cup
First put Ghee in frying pan and fry Gond to start preparing Laddus.
As Ghee is heated we will fry Gond
till then let us cut the cashew nuts(cut each nut into 6-7 pieces).
We don't have to heat Ghee excessively to fry Gond
there should not be any smoke emitting from the Ghee.
After heating Ghee a little, put in Gond.
If Gond is in big pieces then break them into smaller ones.
Fry Gond on a medium flame, it will get puffy (it requires to get puffy).
Continue frying on a medium flame, if Gond is fried on a high flame then it will not become puffy
Gond will get burnt on the outside and raw in the inside
You can check Gond by breaking it, if puffy it can be easily pressed.
Allow Gond to turn light brown.
Add flour, stir fry continuously on a medium flame.
Now add some more Ghee (leave some),
stir fry continuously till flour turns brown and emits a good aroma.
Flour has become brown and we can smell its lovely aroma.
Flour is fried and ready to make Laddus.
Turn off the gas, keep stirring flour for some time as the pan is still hot.
Put chopped cashew nuts in a bowl, we need to mix all of the ingredients. Cool hot flour a little.
Now we will melt Gur. Put Ghee in the pan followed by Gur.
We don't have have to prepare Chashni for Gur Mewa Laddu
so we need to choose and get good quality Gur from the market without impurities.
Melt Gur in Ghee and lower the flame.
Until Gur melts let us grind the almonds to a coarse powder.
Ground almonds are ready and Gur has also melted. Turn off the gas.
Slightly grind the fried Gond using a rolling pin.
As Gond is very soft and crunchy a little pressure with the rolling pin tends to break them.
If Gond is uncooked and not well fried then it will not break.
Gur has melted and also turned a bit cool.
It should not be cooled completely as the ingredients need to be mixed while still hot.
Put flour and chopped cashew nuts in Gur, followed by ground almonds, coconut gratings, Gond and Elaichi powder.
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
Take little amounts of mixture in your hand to make medium sized Laddus.
Laddus are prepared.
Gud Mewa ke Laddu are ready, we have made these for all of us.
But if you preparing them for lactating mothers then add 2 tbsp Saunth (ginger) powder to the ingredients.
Similarly prepare the Laddus and Laddus are ready for lactating mothers.
Sauth is very beneficial for lactating mothers.
These Laddus are very easy to prepare you just need to keep some things in mind :
Be very careful while frying Gond, Ghee should not be excessively heated.
If Gond is put in overheated Ghee then it will not become puffy.
This burns Gond on the outside and leaves it uncooked inside.
Gur should also be melted on a low flame and as Gur melts instantly turn off the gas.
Cool Gur just bit, after adding all the ingredients to it start binding Laddus while the mixture is still hot.
After Laddus cool off completely fill them in an air tight container and eat for 2-3 months.
Try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.
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