SUMO WEDDING (with Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Thai subtitle)

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This Japanese traditional wedding ceremony is called “Shinzen-shiki”
The bridal couple informs their marriage in front of the gods.
Rites take place in the grounds of shrine. It’s so beautiful, and we strongly recommend it to foreigners.
However, don’t forget one important thing. Sometimes, to check couple’s vow,
people will come to the ceremony places…
“Sinzen-shiki” is the Shinto-style wedding.
The bride and groom wear kimonos and a Kan-nushi, a Shinto priest performs the ceremony.
The ceremony starts with “Harae-Kotoba”.
In this speech, a Kan-nushi asks the gods who created Japan to bless the bride and groom.
Then, a Kan-nushi reads out “Norito”, the speech of congratulations.
In which, a Kan-nushi reports the couple’s marriage and their promise of future.
The next rite is “San-San-Kudo”. Sacred sake is served to the couple.
The groom has three sips of sake, the bride has three and the groom has three, in order.
There are nine cups in all. Shinto says “nine” is the number of good omen, so this bring wishing to their happiness for the future.
What is in their grasp is “Tama-Gushi” made of a branch of sakaki plant.
This is the offering to the gods of the vows ceremony held after this rite.
Then, the matchmaker reads out “Sei-shi”, a speech of vow.
The witnesses of couple’s vow decrees their intention of marrying to the gods.
And then, the bride and groom kiss each other in front of friends and the gods to show their vow.
Finally, this rite gives approval their marriage…
but, sometimes still not enough.
The man of the final judgment comes here…
I love Shradha
Last night i came from Beppu
hey look
I love shradha too
why are you laughing?
if you want Shradha
fight with Sumo battle
Do you know Sumo battle?
I know what Sumo is...
you know!?
No, you don't know..
Sumo is Japanese traditional martial arts
That is
and Ryota
You can allow
Ramesh will take Shradha to United States?
NOoooooo NOoooooo
Of course NOT
I love Shradha too
Hey Ramesh
Fight with Sumo Battle
It's not Fake.
They lead to next stage.
The place of Sumou battle,
It’s called “Do-hyo”.
The groom has to defeat the seven guys who love the bride to prove his power of love to everyone.
Even if he lost one battle, he can continue to battle until he defeats all or he gives up.
This is the rule of the Japanese Traditional Wedding Ceremony.
This is how his battle begins.
After enduring countless hardships, the groom defeated six guys.
Then, he had reached the top of the Sumou World.
Ramesh is strong. He has strong heart.
but we have secret weapon
Hey what you doing guys.
but it's OK
I will beat YOU!
I don't think he really loves, that's why he didn't win.
Yokoduna gives a speech of congratulations.
Finally, the bride and groom had got through the ordeal.
With big cerebrations from the Sumou Wrestler, they exchange wedding vows.
This is one of the styles of a Japanese Traditional Wedding Ceremony.
Guys just do a Sumou battle. There is no luxurious dish or flashy dress.
However, that’s why they see each other's true feeling.
“Shinzen-shiki” is the rite in which they bless the bridal couple’s future.
Gods will build a strong bond between the couple and friends
with the other engagement ring called “Do-hyo”.