How to Freeze Strawberries

Uploaded by TheUniversityofMaine on 08.07.2010

Kathy Savoie, Cooperative Extension Educator: "Summer in Maine: The fields are brimming
with fresh, local strawberries. Why not plan ahead and freeze some of them so you can enjoy
local strawberries year-round? Freezing is a simple, fast and inexpensive method of food
"Supplies and materials needed to freeze: colander, salad spinner, paper towels, clean
kitchen towels, strawberry huller, cookie sheet, cutting board and knife (if you want
to freeze sliced berries).
"Recommended materials for freezing foods: heavyweight plastic freezer-grade bags, rigid
freezer containers, freezer jars, heavy duty freezer foil, freezer paper, plastic freezer
wrap or vacuum seal pouches.
"Materials not recommended for freezing foods: plastic bread wrappers, recycled cottage cheese
or yogurt containers, or regular weight foil, plastic wrap or plastic bags.
"Get ready: Clean your hands, equipment and work surface before you begin.
"Step one: Rinse and hull strawberries.
"Step two: Remove excess water. Excess water creates clumped berries that are hard to break
up and use. To improve the quality of your frozen product, remove water by spinning in
a salad spinner, placing on paper towels or placing on clean towels.
"Step three: Pack and freeze. Pack into freezer-grade material, leaving head space for expansion
that occurs during freezing. Label, date and freeze at zero degrees for eight to 12 months.
"Optional: A tray pack is an alternative that makes strawberries easier to remove from the
container. Spread berries in a single layer on shallow trays and freeze. Once frozen,
remove from the tray and pack into freezer-grade packaging.
"Frozen berries can be used in your favorite recipes, including pies, quick breads, smoothies
and shortcakes. They can even be used to make your own jams and jellies.
"The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is your go-to resource for the latest USDA
recommendations for home food preservation. Check out our website for information including
workshops, publications, testing services and more."