Pacific festival still worth attending

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Maori at the Festival of Pacific Arts say
the event is still worth having, despite the costs of hosting
and attending it in difficult economic times.
The 11th festival is into its second week in the Solomon Islands,
and every day tens of thousands of people from all over the country
are flocking to the main festival grounds in the capital, Honiara.
This is the Pacific Festival of Arts.
Its theme is 'culture in harmony with nature'.
We present an idea,
a thought, an insight
whether they're amazed by it or not.
The festival began in 1972 and is hosted by a different country
every four years.
Representatives from 21 countries stay in these huts for two weeks
displaying their art and culture too.
Te Matarae i o Rehu is representing NZ there.
It is our honour to be here with other exponents of Maori art.
27 countries were supposed to be here to celebrate the festival,
but because of hard times, six countries did not attend.
According to Maori reps,
despite the costs, there are many benefits.
Our land, the water and mountains are the same as theirs.
The festival will close this Saturday.
Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.
It looks like it'd be good to attend.