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for example, a young abductee of ours, which went to the gynecologist and was told by the doctor that she had already had a child by Caesarean section. The woman told she has never been pregnant, so the gynecologist showed her a thin scar, barely visible!
in another gynecological examination, the abductee was told by the doctor that surely she had at least 2 children! This situation leaves scars in the female genital. The woman never had a baby, but she remembers a dream.
In this dream there is the gynecologist chair, a tall doctor, blond and with eyes like a cat (vertical pupils) that does something on her genitals, and then I a small child comes out! The woman thought that was only a dream!
When a person tells us a dream, if he is "visual", that means that he uses his eyes as the first channel for data input from the outside, he looks up and moves his eyes on his left,
position that the NLP recognizes as the really seen and not imagined! So what we are told comes from the unconscious and is an experience lived and remembered as true because it is seen the real past (look at the left and top)
we start from there and we can make the abductee remember what happened, once again we bring the unconscious to the conscious level, this is what happens with our abductees
in the males it is less invasive, but they also often describe the sampling of semen that is made ​​from 12 to 15 years, for the first time with a machine that is detached from the top of the room where the subject is usually placed, lying on the metal bed and unable to move
everyone describes this bed with as a single round base in the middle that supports him, and not with the usual 4 legs! Well, something falls from above, it has a bump that looks like that machine used to milk the cows. This machine will be used to sample the sperm in the human male.
That's why at the beginning we had the idea that the aliens just wanted to use our biological material to continue their breed.
there are some cases of females adduced with loss of placental tissue, without an apparent ovulation. There are cases where the placenta is seen by ultrasound and inside there is a liquid, and something small that moves with a heartbeat slower than normal,
gynecologists often say that these things are caused by rhythmic contractions of the vagina, certain is quite absurd, but the doctors have explain it in some way...
There are pseudo-hysterical pregnancies where there is technically something to be removed, with the doctors involved in a patient until the day before the operation. The day after it is no longer anything to remove,
because during the night the tall blonde alien with vertical pupils came and does the operation before that our doctors do. The abductee woman reminds this.
we have many data, as we have the data about the control on the abductee. He is controlled by the Lux and and by alien active memory, will see what it is later.
The "Growl" and "Horus" alien drive the person by a sort of radio control, there are also cranial micro-chip that produce biochemical changes in the brain and make you do what someone else wants. Who's on the other side of the micro-chip, with equipment scientific makes you think you have sleep, makes you think you want to go out, makes you see things that are not there and hear subliminal messages that do not exist!
This technology is already on earth, if you go look for the data you'll even find projects of microchips for the alteration of human consciousness, and are U.S. patents, so imagine if we were able to do this, what can do an alien culture that technologically is millions of years ahead of us and follows this project from long time!
Also these microchips were found on slabs by nuclear magnetic resonance, with the computerized axial tomography, and these chips appear maybe not easily visible, but with a little attention they can be noticed. There are the medical reports that say, for example: object of 2 mm and a half, in these coordinates... metallic, unknown nature. The patient are told to make further analysis.
If the patient is an abductee he has already figured out what happens, and he knows what it is.
There are tumors found near the pineal gland at an early age, never grow up and that remain there. This is because they are not cancer but obviously something else, because one of these micro chip is introduced in the pineal gland, through the nose. Comparing our studies with our hypnotic sessions and with Bud Hopkins' studies, who takes evidence of this problem in America, we understood everything is true and we have recognized this fact of the chip inserted through the nose.
A little bullet is shot through the right nostril with a kind of gun, it pierces the sphenoid bone and this ball of 2 mm and a half goes to embed in front of the pineal gland, evidently the chip is good for something,
we believe that the bullet in the nose alters the secretion of melatonin through a special process that transforms serotonin into melatonin by the pulse and emission of pulsed magnetic fields
There is a lot of literature about these things, it would be enough to read what is written about the issue of mobile phones, they emit consciousness-altering waves through appropriate pulsed electromagnetic fields, the magnetic part seems to be very important..
in our case the subject is transformed into something like a robot, he's practically anesthetized from the alien that can act and do whatever he wants with him.
Furthermore you know that you can not lose the placenta if there is no ovulation, so if women lost placenta and have never had sexual relations for years, as they say, obviously there is something wrong again!
I remember a case treated by American Bud Hopkins a pregnant woman had the placenta the day before, and the day after the placenta disappeared, there is something strange, a placenta can not disappear like this! We came to the conclusion that what they remember in hypnosis... ie ....
the memory of the extraction of the fetus, the introduction of the fetus in a room full of cylinders with synthetic placentas where being is seen grow up to be a very tall sauroid alien, which obviously a human placenta could not hold.
the woman is used this way for at least four different types of fetuses, every man, every woman, every adduct has all the experience, comes the five Fingers Blond, the insect, the sauroid, for everyone! Here comes the military too, we will see they'r totally bound to the alien.
this is the time to tell about it. Whenever an abductee tells about his interaction with the aliens, often next to the alien there is a military, and to a particular alien race is always associated a type of military.
together with the Five Finger Orange alien there is always a soldier who speaks French
with the sauroid there is often a soldier who speaks English / American
with the mantis there is always a guy in military suit and distinctive speaking Israeli! Why this happens? because no one tells something different from this kind of description?
we had these data before we spread this informations about military, before we put pen to paper, we already had put in hypnosis at least 200 people that told the same things
evidently the military take part into this project in some way...