Marc + Gretchen: Schokofondue

Uploaded by MarcGretchen on 26.07.2011

bjbj G: Okay? M: Okay! G: Again! How does he do it? M: I would even think of a better
dessert .. G: Marc! I have the choice between sex and chocolate fondue. What do you think
I'm going to take? G: Hmm! M: Is it good? G: God - this is incredible! G: Marc! Not
so fast! M: Hmm. (From licking the fingers) G: Yes, Marc. It is delicious. But you don
t have to groan! You are also the first man I know who has no dishes! M: Be happy! Then
you need not wash the dishes! (In Bed) G: Is that sweet. God, in this picture you have
been so young! Marc, I think it's absolutely beautiful, that we re we just sitting here
and talking about different things. Come let this, please! Marc! M: Otherwise? Ahh! You
have pressed me into my bullet wound. G: Sorry, but I also warned you. (Marc spits at Gretchen)
G: Tell me! Are you crazy? I m dirty. Can you even a little bit more considerate to
deal with me, after all, what I've been through? M: You mean I should fill you in advance as
Mehdi? (Gretchen closes the door ) G: You know, I just want a little bit of romance,
after all has happened. What are these Fellowship documents? M: The search for surgeons it is
good for the resume. G: And how long is it? M: One year. G: A year? M: Yes, 12 months,
if you don t know how long a year is... G: Okay NoBody NoBody Microsoft Word
10.0 BALUF G: Okay Titel Microsoft Word-Dokument MSWordDoc Word.Document.8