There is no "Palestinian" people and there is no "Palestine"

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Welcome to the Jewish Task Force. My name is Chaim Ben Pesach.
This program is dedicated to elevating the soul of Pesach Ben Dov.
There is no "Palestinian" people. There is no "Palestina". There is no "Palestine."
That's all an Arab lie, false Arab propaganda.
Why is it so important to stress this?
It's important to stress this because before the Six Day War, no one talked about a "Palestinian" people or "Palestinians".
No one talked about that.
And everyone understood that Israel is right,
and the Nazi Muslim Arabs that said explicitly before the whole world that they intend to destroy the people of Israel and the Land of Israel--
everyone understood that the Nazi Muslim Arabs are the wicked ones and they want another holocaust, and the Jews are defending themselves.
Everyone understood that.
So even all the anti-Semites knew that the Jews are right, despite that they were against the Jews because they were anti-Semites.
But they knew. Everyone knew then that the justice is with the Jews.
More important--because I don't care so much about the nations of the world.
If we do what is necessary, the Holy One, blessed be He, will give us victories, will give us miracles and wonders.
The nations of the world will ALWAYS be against us.
So what I care about more is not the nations of the world, but our people--that OUR people know the truth.
Why is this so important?
Because if there is a "Palestinian" people, and if it's a war between Israelis and "Palestinians",
then we are Goliath, and the Nazi Muslim Arabs are David. They are the "underdog". And we are the strong ones.
And in a situation like that, all the sympathy will be with the Nazi Muslim Arabs.
That's what happened after the Six Day War because Israel, in a retarded stupid suicidal act which there's nothing like,
recognized the "Palestinian" people despite that everyone then knew that there's no such thing,
that historically there never was a "Palestinian" state, there never was a "Palestinian" people,
that all that is a complete lie.
Until the Six Day War, until the '60's of the previous century C.E., the Arabs THEMSELVES said that there is no "Palestinian" people.
They denied that there are "Palestinians" or "Palestine",
because everyone then, when they talked about "Palestinians" or "Palestine", meant Jews.
The JEWS were called "Palestinian" then.
NO ONE said that the Arabs are "Palestinians",
or that there's a state that's called "Palestine" or a land that's called "Palestine" that belongs to Arabs.
No one said that.
But the Arabs understood after the Six Day War, in the '60's--
they understood that propaganda-wise, when they said before the whole world that they want to carry out another holocaust--
because that's how they spoke at the U.N!
All the Arab ambassadors said that "we intend to throw you into the Mediterranean Sea,"
"we intend to carry out another holocaust,"
"we intend to finish Hitler's work." ALL the Arabs said that!
THEY ALL praised Hitler and the Holocaust.
They all said that "we intend to finish the work of Hitler and the Nazis."
They understood after the astounding defeat after the Six Day War that it's not smart to talk like that.
So they began to lie in English.
They continued--and to this day they still want a holocaust against us.
ALL the Arabs, ALL the Arab countries, ALL of them are still for the destruction of the state of Israel.
THERE ARE NO moderate Arabs. There's no such thing.
The whole Arab world sees in Israel an alien body, a foreign body, which has no right to exist.
Everyone in the Arab world, everyone in the Muslim world thinks like this.
And to this very day, when they are speaking in Arabic, they still call to destroy Israel.
But in English, they lie. And also in Hebrew they lie.
It's part of "taqiyya". "Taqiyya" is deceit in Arabic.
It's what Muhammad, may his name and memory be obliterated, the founder of the Nazi Islamic religion, commanded the Muslims to do.
He said that you have to deceive the infidels. The infidels are ALL the non-Muslims.
So now in English and in Hebrew, the Arabs engage in "taqiyya".
They deceive. They lie.
In Arabic, they continue to say that they want a holocaust, that they want to destroy the state of Israel.
And that includes, by the way, the WHOLE Arab world--
also the Jordanian and the Egyptian and the Tunisian and the Moroccan media, ALL OF THEM.
THEY ALL say that it's necessary to destroy Israel.
THEY ALL talk about us--in Arabic, in ARABIC--they all talk about us like Nazis.
And they say that it's necessary to destroy the people of Israel, the Land of Israel, and a holocaust is necessary against the Jewish people.
But what changed after the '60's is that the Jewish people, WITH its traitor corrupt leaders, recognized a "Palestinian" people,
despite that Golda Meir, Abba Eban, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin--
they all always said, correctly, that there is no "Palestinian" people, that there is no "Palestine", that it's all a complete lie.
Everyone said that--the Arabs and the Jews--both of them said it because it was a clear fact.
But after the Arabs began to lie and say that there ALWAYS was a "Palestinian" state and there always was a "Palestinian" people,
and the Jews, the "Yahoodim", were not here. That's all a lie. There was no Temple. It was always a mosque.
King David was a Muslim. Moses our teacher was a Muslim. Abraham was "Ibrahim". They were all Muslims.
The children of Israel in the Bible were Muslims.
That's what Islam says, and that's what the Arabs began to say.
When all our traitor leaders, except one leader--
our teacher and our rabbi, Rabbi Meir David Kahane, may his righteous and holy memory be immortalized, may G-d avenge his blood--
he was the only one who told the truth.
But all the other leaders gave in and said "Fine, yes, we recognize there is a Palestinian people,"
despite that they knew that it's a complete lie.
So WE turned into Goliath, and THEY turned into David.
Before that, WE were David and they were Goliath.
Before that, the whole world saw the map of the Middle East.
The whole world in the 60's saw that the Arabs have 600 times the land of the Jews.
There are 22 Arab countries. The vast majority of them are huge, great in territory.
They have 600 times the land of the tiny state of Israel.
And the whole world saw that.
So everyone saw what kind of a David we are against such a huge Goliath.
Not only that--in population, they saw that hundreds of millions of Muslim Arabs surrounded a few million Jews,
which the Nazi Muslim Arabs had 100 times the population of the Jews.
That is, they had 100 times in population what we had.
100 times in population, 600 times in land--so we were SUCH a small David.
It was SO amazing, every time that we won, every time that we survived even another day!
The whole world saw in that an amazing miracle, an AMAZING MIRACLE!
The whole world thought that we are people of miracles, like the Bible people, like the people of the Bible.
The whole world saw that!
The whole world, even the anti-Semites, admired us then, because it's impossible not to admire a people like that.
When a people like that wins wars in six days against an enemy with 100 times the population of Israel, with 600 times the land of Israel--
when they saw THAT, it was impossible not to admire the people of Israel. Impossible.
Even the ANTI-SEMITES admired us.
So that was the situation when we didn't recognize a "Palestinian" people and when we told the truth:
that there is a giant Arab world against a tiny Jewish state.
It's not a war between Israelis and so-called "Palestinians". There's no such thing.
It's a war between the Jews of Israel--5 million Jews in Israel--against 500 million Nazi Muslim Arabs and Iranians that surround the Jewish state.
In a situation like that--in a situation like THAT--WE are the ULTIMATE David of history.
There is no David so small, and there is no Goliath so big as us against all the Arabs.
When the world sees this, it's impossible not to admire us.
And more important than this--because again, I don't care about the nations of the world.
That doesn't matter. It's not important.
Because even if the nations of the world think that we are right, that won't help us because they want Arab oil.
And they want investments from the Arab owners of the oil.
So it won't help us even if they know that we're right. It won't help us. It won't help us.
They will be against us in any case.
But, at least they will know that we are right, first of all.
And MUCH more important than that, OUR people, our youth will know that we are right.
And there is no justice--there is NO JUSTICE--in the Arab interest.
The Arab interest is an interest of Nazi jealousy and hatred. They want another holocaust.
The Arabs are the most sadistic barbaric cruel people among all the nations of the world.
And the Jews hardly--HARDLY--defend themselves. They don't even defend themselves like they need to.
They don't even defend their people properly.
In a situation like this, all our people should know that we are right, and they are not right, that the justice is with us,
and know the justice of our interest is essential if we desire to survive.
It's essential that every Jew know that we are 100% right.
There is no justice on both sides. That's a complete lie.
There is no justice on the side of Nazi Arabs that want a holocaust.
There is no justice in the Nazi Arabs that want to destroy the state of Israel. There's no such thing.
They are sadistic Nazi barbarians, may their name and memory be obliterated! There is no justice on their side.
We are 100% right, and they aren't right at all.
Because of this, it's so important that we say that there is no "Palestinian" people. There is no such thing.
There never ever was. The Arabs, again, always said that themselves.
So it is upon US to say it.
It is upon us to quote Dr. Philip Hitti, may his name and memory be obliterated, who was the spokesman of the Arabs in the Land of Israel
when he said at the Peel Commission, the commission of the British and the Americans in 1946,
he said, "There is nothing in history that is called a Palestinian people, absolutely not." That's what he said--"absolutely not".
There is no "Palestinian" people, absolutely not. He said that.
And all the Arab representatives said the same thing.
And all the Arab ambassadors at the U.N., and all the representatives of the Arabs of the Land of Israel said that at the U.N.
Because they had organizations that represented them at the U.N.
THEY ALL said the same thing: There is no "Palestinian" people.
And we must quote that. We must expose the facts and the truth!
We must tell the truth to OUR people mainly.
And afterwards, we can also tell it to the world.
What is the truth?
GREATER Israel belongs ONLY to the people of Israel according to the TORAH of Israel.