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Rich Celebrity ranking
Ranking 4. Kim Jae-Joong
Debuted in 2004 as TVXQ,
Currently a member of JYJ and an actor, Kim Jae-Joong
Current age, 27
Last year, as a member of JYJ,
he has attracted more than 200,000 spectators through the 13-countries tour.
Moreover, since he has participated in dramas,
it is expected that he has earned at least ten billion won both from foreign and domestic activities
From in 2008 October KBS 2
I came to Seoul when I was sixteen to become a singer
At first, I was staying in a small room of Kosiwon by myself.
At that time, the monthly rent fee was 150,000 won,
But the owner told me to vacate the room if I couldn't pay the rent by the day after.
What is the real estate of Kim Jae-Joon who used to live in a room for rent at 150.000 won?
27-year-old Kim Jae-Joong's house is 'B Legend' located in Samsung-dong
Market price and conditions of a location
It is said that Kim Jae-Joong's house is 90pyeong penthouse which costs about 3,500,000,000 won,
Kim Jae-Joong has posted some photos recently.
Marble floor with birthday presents from his fans.
Now, this is the porch of his house.
Natural marble has a fine texture and the climax of exclusivity, therefore loved by high-class mostly.
The estimated interior cost for Kim Jae-Joong's house is 100 million won.
Let's take a look at the floor plan.
This house, which is composed of a big living room, kitchen, sunny bedroom, working room, and dressroom,
If you follow the endless corridor from the porch
You can find a very big living room, and there is a big terrace, exclusive for penthouse, next to the living room.
From the Kosiwon to the highclass penthouse
Kim Jae-Joong ranked the fourth.
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