Motorbike Adventure in Brazil (Riding from South to North America)

Uploaded by ojurik on 29.05.2011

Right now I am only about 100km from border between about Brazil and Venezuela, It took
me about 10 thousand km to cross this huge country and that doesn’t even include 2
thousand km on the river Amazon between Belem and Manaus. The mountains behind me are some
of the first in I don;t know how long. Here are some of the highlights from driving through
When I entered Southern Brazil I felt I was entering a bit of a different world, especially
compared to Bolivia for example. Suddenly the roads had a few lanes and did not zig
zag all the time. And there were structures like bridges and even tunnels!
Unfortunately rain became more of a rule than an exception, but I got used to it quickly.
Riding on cobblestones in European looking towns felt strange and reminded me of home.
A surprise came when I had to climb some mountains when I thought there were no mountains to
speak of in Brazil.
On the way out of Rio I crossed 13 kilometer long bridge to Niteroy, probably the longest
bridge on my journey.
After spending a month in Rio my goal was to get to the northern border as fast as possible.
The distances were unimaginable and so I started pushing my bike closer to 100 kilometers per
hour. Even with that the journey to Belem still took a few weeks, no wonder one day
I found out - my tire was completely done! :)
In Belem the road ended and I boarded a slow Amazon boat. After number of days we arrived
in Manaus. From here never ending route to Venezuelan border continued! And for the first
time in Brazil, the road was really crappy. It was here where I passed 20 thousand kilometers
of my journey.
Brazil is a beautiful but sometimes strange place. The road took me to some tight spaces
or over bridges that were shared with rail.
Next I will be heading to Venezuela and Colombia. Stay tuned and thanks for following my adventure!