2013, The Year of the Gorgeous

Uploaded by LifeMinuteTV on 08.01.2013

I'm Polly Blitzer, founder of the online beauty site, beautyblitz.com, and
when it comes to the new year, everyone wants to update their regimen, but it's
hard to find the product that really work.
And in all my years as a beauty editor, I've never met one woman who said "Can you teach me
how to waste time or waste money?"
So, I'm here to give you
the most affordable and most effective time efficient products. The first is
organic, eco, green products. It's hard to find the ones that really work, and I'm
loving Nourish Organic Food for Healthy Skin. It's this incredible line that's the
first beauty care line to get the USDA national organic certification, and
that's because it's made with organic fruit extracts, vegetable extracts,
essential oils, really good ingredients that
smell good and actually work. There's fresh fig, lavender mint, there's a berry
And they have body butters, hand washes and even a deodorant. So, they're all
around ten dollars or under and you can get them at ULTA or whole foods
stores nationwide.
The next is make up.
Everyone wants things that multi-task and do lots of things, but it can be
really challenging to find the ones that actually do lots of things. And
Maybelline New York is one of those brands that just reliably has great
products and their instant age rewind line
is kind of, you know, all the beauty editors' favorite, and they just came out
with three new breakthroughs:
the lifter is a lifting foundation that also has a primer built in, so it gives you
seamless coverage and it gives you a smooth surface but the rest of your
makeup on. They also have the perfector which is great for on-the-go and
this is a powder that's made with shea butter so it doesn't give you that cakey
look to the service of your skin, it doesn't give you that dullness
and it also has a built-in primer that's jojoba-based.
so it gives you those nourishing qualities, it gives you a smooth surface
and a foundation to put more
products on without getting that "makeup" look.
And my favorite is the eraser. It's actually a spot concealer for dark spots
that contains a vitamin c treatment
so you can instantly cover spots and then gradually fade them and
hide them over time. And the entire line is $9.99 to $13.99
available at drug stores. And finally, for hair care, I love the new Vidal Sassoon
pro series. It just launched, it's incredible,
it's a hair color,
haircare and hair styling line, all the products are five dollars
except for the hair color which is nine,
and it just lets you get that salon look at home without much effort. My favorite
product is the repair and finish spray, what's great this time of year is that in
the winter our hair tends to be brittle and really needs that nourishing so that it'll
obey our commands, but this product actually does give your
hair back its vitality
and repairs the hair and gives you hold without that stiff crunchiness. So, Vidal Sassoon
pro series is the go-to for hair care this season.
And from head to toe, I've got you covered. Thanks for tuning in, and for more information
you can log on to beautyblitz.com.