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Episode 22
Why did you wanted to see me?
How is it going to make any difference
If you apologize for it?
You don't have to be sorry
You don't have to be in pain
or suffer
because of me
going to...
forget you
I'm glad
That you're alive
No more greed...
Or regret...
I'll let go of everything
This is the report of worldwide casino industry's present condition and
the National casino industry's present condition
Do you have other appointment tonight?
No, nothing special
See you at Windsor's Bar at 7 then
I've got something to tell you
I started first
Do you want a drink?
No, thank you
I'll have a glass of milk
Last Sunday
I accidentally
saw you meeting with In-Ha
I don't know what your true heart is
What am I
to you?
Isn't there a place for me
in your heart?
If you come
I might step back
I want to stay comfortably like this
Like the job I'm doing now
I don't want to lose my job
because of you
Come to me
I can't do that
The person close to me...
The person that I can almost grab and touch with my own hands...
How do you expect me to handle it
Even if you step back
I'll come to you
I'll never
Lose you
It's me
I just arrived
How about In-Ha?
I'll be at the hotel
How long has it been since you left Korea?
About 10 years
10 years
Everything might be new to you
Even though if you meet In-Ha and Jong-Ku
Don't tell them that Falcone is related to this business
I understand
You know who I am?
Long time no see
How about In-Ha?
I couldn't reach him yet
Find out where he is
Yes, sir
Do you have to take Falcone's funds?
I spent all of mine
Can't handle it by myself
We only have Big gamble left
If we don't have money how can we bet
This country used me as much as they can then abandon me
For the revenge
I have to make this business successful
What about In-Ha?
Why is he betting everything that he has?
He has his own reason
If he wins instead of me
I don't care
This is In-Ha Kim
In-Ha Kim, Jong-Ku Yoo
You have great success
Is it Seoung-Guk Yang's order?
Who is Seoung-Guk Yang
Let's finish this today
Let's start
Long time no see
What happened?
When did you come?
I came with Michael Jang
You said Michael Jang has a close relationship with the Boss?
By the way what brings you here
Just wanted to come
It's been more than 10 years
since I left Korea
Boss still asks
how you are doing
Who are they?
I felt sorry for you
when you asked to leave our Boss
I couldn't let you
That made you to loose your love
I feel terrible for it
It's passed already
Why don't we go out for a drink and don't just stay here
Good idea
Let's go
Mr. Jang wants to see both of you
Hey you...
Did you already tell him what happened?
I had to
If there were more than 10 people attacking you
That means that they want to kill you
What's the reason?
Who the hell is that?
It's personal
Are you asking me to step back?
Before we went to America
We had some problem
Because of that an unfortunate affinity
Tell me who that is
If you guys can't handle it
I will
Don't make it big
We can deal with it
I never
bet for losing a game
I do anything
to win
If this thing happens one more time
I'll handle it personally
I can understand his feeling
He has a bet but if something to happen to us
There's nobody who can gamble
That makes him crazy
Hey, anyway what are we going to do?
He really wants to kill us
Aren't we doing anything?
I like these emotions
I want to end it
But I have to delay it until tomorrow
My uncle will be here the day after tomorrow
He had a difficult time to look after me
I want to serve him well
I wonder how you gonna do that
Dae-Soo Yim is not good enough
It's my fault that I asked that hoodlum to handle this job
I have to do it on my own
What if it doesn't work?
What then?
The president trusted me
No matter what happens
It's an honor to die for the one
who trusts you
Don't you believe me?
You think too much
If you are looking for someone who can die for you
Trust him
You are always late these days
I had to move by the hotel
Are you okay, Angela?
I'm fine
What's that?
It's Duk-Gu's birthday, isn't it?
Give this to the children
You're still being miss goody even when you're busy
Ah, there's a package for you...wait
There's no sender's name
Better have simple birthday party
- Come on Angela - OK!
What about Sang-Du
I've been looking for all the places where he could hide...
But still no sign of him
You bastards
If you want to sleep well you got to remove Sang-Du
Find out where the hell he is
Yes sir
Yes sir
Take some men and go to Jeju Island
I have to be there but
I have no idea when Sang-Du might appear
Get rid of In-Ha
Yes sir
Don't even come back
If you couldn't kill him
Yes sir
Get out
Sit down
Did you eat?
I made a reservation for the wedding house
Did you tell your mom?
Not yet
Let's go together
I can get her permission
No, I'll do it
Trust me
I'll treat you and mother-in-law
like a queen
Have some
Did you tell Jeoung-Ae?
No. Not yet
Why are you wasting time
I'm dying to share the same blanket with you
How can I tell that to my daughter
Of course you can't tell her that
What I mean is
Use each blanket and just the room...
Are you here? Come
Come here
Have some of these fruits
What's this? It's not an orange
Yong-Tae brought it from Jeju Island
It's called Han-Ra-Bong, sweeter than an orange and delicious
- Jeoung-Ae - Mom
What is it? Tell me first...
No tell me first
I just
I just want to
Share same room with this man
We don't have enough lives
And want to support each other to live together
If you don't like it then forget it
Why not
That's a great idea
You made a good choice
Thank you
When is the wedding gonna be?
What, wedding for god sake's
I just take a tour at Jeju Island with him
Good mom! You never been to Jeju
That's a great idea
Well, thanks
What were you trying to say?
Tell you later
Okay... You should get married soon
Oh, what's up?
No that's alright
Yep! Okay, I'll be there
I... am gonna see Tae-Joon now
Take care
She said Okay
I was so embarrassed
What's up?
Just want to tell you something
If it's about Dae-Soo Yim, forget it
Whatever you say doesn't change my mind
Is here in Korea
It's been a while
You know the relationship between In-Ha and Dae-Soo, right?
Nothing has changed
I know so well how much you liked him
What are you going to do between them
Do you think you will be happy?
Forget it
Love Dae-Soo
At first
I met Dae-Soo just for fun
Because of In-Ha
But not anymore
I really love him
Where is In-Ha?
Is he still running away?
Let me cut their
unfortunate affinity
Wouldn't that be okay?
Excuse me. Well...
I'm Chi-Soo Kim, Hyun-Ja Jang
Hello, I'm from Hanra Hotel
Are you?
Do you need to see an ID?
It's fantastic
Wow! What kind of car is long like this?
You fool
This is called a limousine
Only the president or rich people ride it
Or normal people use it for their funeral
That's right. Yes
Take a picture of me
What's wrong
I can't believe this is happening
Take a breath
From now on
Hyun-Ja you are the Queen and I am the King
Like that. Let's go
A Queen?
Her Majesty the Queen
Who will see you as a King
If you are a king gotta look like one
But you look like a servant A King?
If I'm a servant
What about you Hyun-Ja?
People used to say I am look like Grace Kelly
She was an actress then became Queen
It's a bit boring because of this long car
Let's give the driver some tip for his drinks
Hello. Congratulation
- For me? - Yes
Thank you so much
Is this really our room?
That's right
If you have any inconvenience please contact me
Have a nice stay
Where is the room?
Hyun-Ja where you going
I like spring
Spring is like a dream
Always sing a happy
It's like a flipping dolphin from Jungmun Sea
Come on. Come on. Look at this bathroom
Where the hell are we
Let me sit here. Take a photo of me
- Right here? - Yes
Aren't you getting naked It's a bathroom
You are crazy
Say cheese
What kind of bathroom is like the size of my house?
- Hyun-Ja - Yes
Hey. Who is this
Hey. Who is this
How long are you taking a bath
What are you doing right now
Take a break
King my ass You should have some elegance
You are just a servant
Open the door I'll pour some more
That's fine
Where are you?
He sure embarrassed even he's old
Are you playing hide and seek?
Okay, hide well I can find you
Where are you where are you, where...
Where the hell is he
Hey this makes my stomach warm
It sure makes a difference that it's a 30 year old whisky
I never thought that I would be treated well like this because of you
What did I say I can pay you in one
But couldn't believe what you said at that time
I want to ask you something
What kind of man was my father?
You never asked about him
or what happened to him
Just curiosity
Because he is your father
I wish he was someone special
He was a nobody
He just lived like others
And he's gone early
That's all?
What did you expect
He made your mom suffer
He was always gambling
He moved many places and died.
You want to hear something like that?
Whenever you made trouble
I thought you have the same blood
Like your dad couldn't settle for one place
And just died like nobody
It made me worry a lot
Don't live like your dad
Don't you have a girl friend?
You should get married as well
I did everything that I could do
Next business settlement is going to be easy for president Choi
Thank you
By the way our kids
Let's make a date
They seem to meet often because of business
My daughter seems to like your son
But after this business
They like each other Why wasting time
Let's get engaged first
This is all the information about Jeju airport free trading area
Thank you
My dad cares for this too. Good luck
Information of the historical theme park
We've met at the volcano show
This is project manager Soo-Yeon Min
This is a consulate of international free trading development Jeung-Min Jo
Please sit
Have a seat
Your volcano show was wonderful
I want to manage a hotel
After get married with Jeung-Won
I might need your help
Let's keep in touch
It was our parent's deal
Don't misunderstand
You two look good together
Gotta go
What's the matter?
Congressman Jo wants to make a date
For marriage?
Jeung-Min... Congressman Jo's daughter likes our son
I don't know what to do
Better solve this before it gets out of hand
But I need his help desperately How should I solve it
This business is too important for us
But Jung-Won's not gonna change his mind
Trust Jung-Won
Call Jung-Won
Dad wants to talk to you
It's Jung-Won
It's me
I met Congressman Jo
He tries to help with his connections
This business deal is going to be easy for us
Anyway he treats you like a son-in-law
Call him often and stick to his butt
- Here - OK
Well there was a call for you
Pig's mum
She didn't pay me back what does she wants to say
Why are you using that cell phone
Use this. Use this
Why are you laughing
What happened to you
You used to spend all the money
I have someone to look after
Is that so. How nice
Well.... Have some fruits
Looks delicious eat
I have something to tell you
What is it?
am going to get married
I'm getting married
What are you talking about
With who?
Dae-Soo Yim
With who?
Are you still seeing him?
You silly...
Tell her something
Are you out of your mind
Calm down. Calm down
No matter what you say
I made up my mind
Don't do this
Your life is yours and my life is mine
Admit it
already made a date
Lie down, lie down
We have a presentation with investors from USA at Hanra Hotel
Shall we go
Should do it well
What is it
There is bad news about Michael Jang
What are you saying
He's got rich to even manage a hotel in Las Vegas
It is because of Mafia
Ladies and gentleman
Welcome to the Opportunity fantastic Jeju Island
Jeju is a tourist place with natural environment and unique culture
You are about to see various media materials that is showing developed
international trading city's real features
Invest your future at Jeju
They are having a presentation with investors from USA and Hong Kong
It's quite big including secluded investment companies
The funds In-Ha is using is from Michael Jang
Until now the funds they used are more than 100 billion won
It includes the deal with Han-Ra Hotel as well as purchasing prearranged land
That's over Michael's ability
There sure is a mystery about their funds
Tell USA branch to find out Michael Jang's funds
Mr. Yoon has to go Japan
Settle investment with Mr. Machuyama
Yes sir
Good work
Better reaction than I expected
How much is the investment inducement?
Well, if we are lucky it can be more than 2 billion dollars
We need at least 5 billion for this business to be selected
What about the rest?
Funds are my part
I'll deal with it
Don't you guys worry
I know Michael Jang's funds are nearly gone
What's he gonna do?
Is there a problem in funds?
What kind of?
Remember Jackson when we were under Falcone?
The one who trades with guns
I heard from him
that one way to wash the money is investment
Isn't it weird that Michael Jang
is here with Joon-Il?
You are here
- How have you been? - Please sit
What are you doing in Seoul without noticing
Because of Dae-Soo Yim
Dae-Soo Yim?
That bastard Dae-Soo Yim came to Jeju with his boys
More than 10 of them attacked us We were in danger
That bastard is a problem
We have a big game left
If Dae-Soo Yim keeps acting like that I can't concentrate on the game
What are you going to do?
I'll deal with him myself
Dae-Soo has no idea
how In-Ha and I survived in USA
It's not easy to say this to you Detective Park
But there are too many Vietnamese and Chinese gangs I killed there
It's a piece of cake to kill him
Dae-Soo is marrying tomorrow
With Jung-Ae
Who is she?
No message from Jung-Ae?
What a cruel girl
She's not gonna listen to me
I can just think I don't have a daughter
There are no parents who win their kids
Let her be
What did you say?
How could you say that even she's not your daughter
What are you saying
Jung-Ae is my daughter
After Jung-Ae's father passed away
I could live this brutal life because of her
That bitch...
How can how can she do this to me
How can... how can she do this to me
Calm down
I know how you feel
But what can we do
Let them getting married
Why are there so many gangs here?
I can't tell whether I'm in a wedding hall or a restaurant
Watch your mouth
Wow, all kinds of gangs are here
To make by myself trying hard
What are those
Move over
What is it
Move over you little shit
Boss we have a problem
Stand still everyone