My Princess BTS Part 4 ENG SUB

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The headbands used by Lee Seol will be slightlyy shown to viewers now!
They come in all kinds of course.. with shiny and fancy designs!
There are all kinds of headbands of every shape and colour you could ever imagine
The item a princess needs is.. an elegant tiara!
Wow.. it's sooo pretty!
Out of all these headbands, we'll see soon which will be used on the show!
Back to the filming scene, today's filming is at Incheon International Airport
Lee Seol running in order to grab hold of Hae Young
Not stopping to rest, running here and there
Wow she can be an athlete at this rate
PD: You seem to be really good at running?
*embarrassed* KTH: Ah.. yes
People are noticing the popular Hallyu star, Tae Hee ssi
Even foreign tourists know her and are greeted her!
PD: Many foreigners seem to know who you are?
KTH: Our country's dramas seem to be really well-received overseas
PD: Oh? Are they well-received in Japan too?
KTH: Yeah.. they are broadcasted there as well
I have a lot of Japanese fans too
An enormous crowd!
People have gathered to watch the filming at the airport
PD: There's lots of people here, Tae Hee ssi
KTH: Yeah why are so many of them out here?
Filming resumes again and the crowd seems to be growing
Filming starts again anyway
Lee Seol left everything behind and ran here to find Hae Young
She finally found Hae Young but..
NG because of Hae Young's laughter!
2nd take action!
Ah they were doing well but because of the slippery floor they had to do it again
PD: One more time!
This time.. the two of them immersed in acting and full of emotions. Will they succeed?
Finally OK!
Upon receiving the OK sign, both of them are happy
Heading right away to the next filming scene
The girl who doesn't even stop for a moment to rest and has to continue with her schedule, Tae Hee ssi
PD: Don't you want to look around the airport?
KTH: Yeah I want to go. I really love taking airplanes.
PD: It seems really tiring going here and there..
KTH: Yeah isn't it?
KTH: I need rest~
I can't eat and I can't even sleep
PD: Just sleep on your side in the car in between filming scenes?
KTH: In a day, we move about 2 times and the journey takes about 1hr. Only then can I stay in the car
I haven't been able to lie on my bed for 5 days
PD: What are you going to do about your complexion?
KTH: My complexion isn't good now! I'm really ruining my complexion
The heat is rising to my face.. because I haven't been able to sleep!
Tae Hee ssi, even so, you're still pretty!
Even through difficult times, she is always seen with a bright smile
Because of Tae Hee, the filming scene shines brightly!
Tae Hee ssi, thanks for the hard work!
Tae Hee ssi, fighting all the way to the end!
The next day, back to the filming scene
Seung Hun ssi and Tae Hee ssi are in the middle of filming
The two of them have a good relationship and everytime they meet, they bring laughter to the audience
Kim Tae Hee's cute NG because of laughter
It's difficult to be so excessive!
NG scenes that are even more interesting than the drama itself!
Hae Young looking at Lee Seol's pictures
Lee Seol who doesn't want someone else to see her past
Two of them fighting violently over the photo album
The conclusion
At this moment..
Lee Seol's mum arrives and Lee Seol is shoved away
For some reason, this makes one quite anxious
Two of them~ Treating it like nothing happened
Tae Hee ssi are you okay??!!
Seung Hun ssi avoiding the blow
Seung Hun is slightlyy alarmed
This time round, the eye!!
Thought bubble: Truthfully, it kind of hurts
SSH: Hit here alright?
Hae Young meeting Lee Seol's mum
Omma "dalmatgunya"?? What's that?
What type of NG is it this time?
Royal grand executive "prejijenshawl"
SSH: Ah no.. I'm going crazy..
Two of them watching a movie together
NG because of Tae Hee's English pronunciation
Thought bubble: I'm usually good at English!
Filming progresses smoothly..
What type of NG is it this time?
Saying his lines twice XD
The two of them seem to attract a lot of NGs!
Filming even late at night..
The two acting with intense emotions
Her breath is coming out in puffs in the cold air
Even the handsome male actors can't do anything and are holding their hands and feet close to themselves
No choice but to wear thick and heavy clothes for filming
Wearing heavy coats as strategies to keep warm for survival
PD: Aren't you cold? KTH: Ah I'm really warm right now
This morning we were filming somewhere where it was really really cold but after filming for so long, now I'm warm
During this time, the filming team which is in the same situation has to find all ways to keep themselves warm
The necessary item to warm up their bodies a little
But some of them soon forget to care once they're into the filming
Oh it must be really cold!
Even for Ryu Suyeong who is filming together, his ears are turning red
RSY: Shall we eat something sweet?
When you're down, eating something sweet helps
Is professor going to treat me?
The cold is even worse than his broken heart!
They need a warm dessert!~
Suddenly the filming scene is active again.. it's coffee time!
What are the staff holding in their hands??
It can't be.. Professor Nam?
Staff: It's Lee Seol's treat
For the staff who went through a hard time, Kim Tae Hee's surprise event to warm the hearts of everyone!
Forgetting about the cold for a moment
Not forgetting her co-workers
It's alright. Onni earns a lot of money.
RSY: Why are you like that?
Ah! It's delicious~ Su Yeong ssi seems to really enjoy it
It's coffee that Lee Seol bought.. it's reallyy good!
PD: Does she do this often?
RSY: Yeah she does.. us actors really like her
I don't do it but I buy a lot to give my fans
My turn will come though, won't it?
Tae He looks really happy
After warming their bodies, returning to filming again!
The actors look much brighter~
At this friendly scene..
Finally filming has ended! Thanks for all your hard work!
In this cold weather, it must have been hard on all of you
Thanks for giving so much love to our drama, My Princess
Now that the drama is almost ending
Tonight, the 12th episode will be broadcasted and the week after next week, we'll have two more episodes remaining
I hope you give us lots of love all the way to the end. Thank you.