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Episode 16
You know Hyun Ki Sang, right?
Starting a few years back...
he's been pestering me.
He's dug into my past and now, has crossed a line he shouldn't have.
Take care of him.
[Su Hyun]
What do you mean by stopping the investigation?
What is the reason?
Someone said that if I continue investigating, I would get hurt.
Who did?
Who said that?
Kim Jung Woo.
What's up?
You haven't taken my calls.
I heard you told Detective Hyun to stop investigating.
What is the reason?
Did Chairman Jang tell you to do that?
Telling him if he continues investigating, he'll get hurt. Isn't that a threat?
What rights do you have, what reason could you have
to use threats to stop an investigation?
The Chairman wouldn't do that.
You and Detective Hyun are wasting your precious time on baseless suspicions.
So, I told him to stop.
This is about the death of my parents.
This is none of your business.
If you try to stop the investigation again like this,
I will go see Chairman Jang myself,
and get his confirmation.
Su Hyun.
You said before you'd sold your soul,
I didn't know how that could be possible...
but now, seeing your eyes, I can see how you managed to do that.
I can see that you're a scary person who'll do anything for Chairman Jang and his son.
I understand now.
I will completely erase any feelings that might be left.
That person to whom giving the entire world is not enough.
That person that is the reason I live today...
Kim Jung Woo.
We need to talk.
I have nothing to say to you.
Hey, punk. If I say I want to talk to you, you do it.
What's with the attitude?
You bastard... I know all about what you've been doing.
What were you going to do with those documents you swiped?
Thanks for giving me good reason.
What? What did you say?
You scumbag hoodlum!
Shut up and listen.
Don't push me.
I'm boiling over inside and ready to explode.
I'm just itching to pound someone and I'm doing everything I can to keep from going crazy.
There's something I must do.
Don't make me explode before I get that accomplished!
No matter how much I hide, no matter how much I forget.
I can only keep looking through the tears.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you.
I will forget it all, forget all,
That person that is painful to love.
- Where's Baek Sil Jang? - He left.
You be careful.
Call me if there's any problem.
I will.
Let's go.
Hey, don't worry.
That guy, he's a wizard when it comes to locks, a wizard.
- Man, I should have learned how to... - Shut up with your nonsense!
Do you think you can open it?
A person named Lee Su Hyun is here.
But Tae Hyuk is not here.
She said she wanted to see you.
- Bring her in. - Yes.
Have a seat.
What brings you here? Tae Hyuk is at the casino.
I came to see you.
I thought that you'd be the only person who could answer my questions.
That's why I came here tonight.
Go ahead.
My parents who owned this property, died in a traffic accident ten years ago.
And the relative who sold the land took off with the money.
He's been missing since that day.
Not long after, this property became your residence.
Isn't this just a coincidence?
If not, then what is it?
I'm sure you know what I might be thinking.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
How I would know what you're thinking?
And most certainly, there is no need nor is it worth my time to explain.
Su Hyun.
What're you doing here without calling me?
I needed to see the Chairman about something.
What would you have to see my father about?
I don't think I can work with you any longer.
Until all my questions are answered,
I can't work for Dae Jeong Group.
I'll let the head office in Canada know, so be prepared.
Why are you like this all of a sudden?
You should go and ask the Chairman why.
In life there are times when no matter how much you want something to be it won't.
That has nothing to do with whether you love or not.
It's just destiny.
It's the same for you and me.
Why did Su Hyun come to see you?
I didn't realise that she was such a straightforward person.
She believes the death of her parents has something to do with Dae Jeong Group.
She asked if I killed her parents and took over this property.
I know Su Hyun very well.
She wouldn't accuse anyone without good reason or evidence.
Then are you saying you believe what she is saying?
You really think I would have killed those orange farmers? You think I would have been that reckless?
I know how you do business.
Once you've set your eyes on something,
- you won't stop until you've done - Shut that mouth!
No matter what she thinks or what anyone else in the world thinks...
you must believe in me.
I used proper means to obtain this.
What that girl says has nothing to do with me.
Blue sky... I know how great it is...
Kim Jung Woo, it's all over.
We've got it.
There is no way that money is the Chairman's emergency fund.
It's certain he embezzled company money.
The secret documents from his safe confirm it,
which means that this is the end for Baek Sil Jang.
What will you do now?
For now, don't do anything and just wait.
Hey, this is reliable evidence. Why drag it out?
The Chairman gave me a special task.
So what?
It's a little difficult, so I want to settle that first. I'll get going.
What is it?
Tell us if you want help.
No. It's something I have to do.
Don't you think he's acting a little strange?
Do you think what the Chairman told him to do is that, you know...
If it is, who do you think it is?
Kim Jung Woo!
What is it?
Is it to get rid of someone?
Is it Detective Hyun?
It's nothing like that.
Then why do you look so troubled? Tell me.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
Hey, your car is great.
Of all the things that you have, it's the second thing that I wish to have.
What is the first?
The first one is Tae Hyuk.
Even if I can't borrow Tae Hyuk, I can still borrow your car sometimes, right?
I'm leaving for America after completing my commitments here,
so you can drive my car.
Why, all of a sudden?
The personalities and habits when the customers are gambling,
what they do when they're not gambling, what type of food they like,
all of this should be checked thoroughly.
I heard that person in the VIP room is a Yakuza.
But he's so good looking. He doesn't seem like that kind of person.
Go ask if they need anything.
Excuse me, I have something to tell you.
Do you know Su Hyun plans to go back to America?
She said she'll be clearing up her desk today.
She said that she won't work with Dae Jeong Group any longer.
What is going on?
She won't tell me what this is all about.
Director, is there anything you know?
Did Su Hyun say anything about her parents?
No. Why did you mention her parents?
No reason.
Did my father have any involvement in the deaths of Su Hyun's parents?
No, it was a straight forward sales transaction.
Then why was that case reopened for investigation?
Is it because there was something suspicious?
That detective, Hyun Ki Sang...
has a biased opinion of the Chairman.
He's been quite a bother to the Chairman with his baseless suspicions.
And now he's causing you to suspect him.
I'd better do something about him.
What are you going to do?
Perhaps removing him from his position as detective.
It'll take little effort to get him fired.
That person to whom giving the entire world is not enough.
That person that is the reason I live today...
Sang Jun, prepare a report of our current progress to go to the Head Office.
Jae Hyeon, send a copy of that report to Dae Jeong Group.
What will happen to us?
I'm not sure. The Head Office will make that decision.
It's been a pleasure working with you both.
No matter how much I wish, no matter how much I hope,
I can't help but to keep longing.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you.
I will forget it all, forget all.
The one I cannot love, the one I cannot love.
Who is this? Oh my, it's Jung Woo!
What are you doing standing here?
Oh my gosh, there's so little to look at that you'd stand here looking at that man?
Let's go. Let's eat together.
No, it's okay.
What are you talking about?
How can you come all the way here and then just go?
Hurry, come eat.
Hurry up, come!
Honey, Jung Woo is here.
What brings you here?
No reason.
Fishing during the day... what an easy life.
The life I lived seemed too futile, so I took some vacation time to relax.
Yeah, that's something to be proud of.
This is the first time in your life
you take a vacation and all you do is fish, how pathetic is that?
And our house is a stone's throw away so you can come home to eat.
But you make me bring the meals here to you.
My life is more futile than yours, so why don't you give me a vacation?
Who is stopping you?! You can rest all you want.
Jung Woo, just listen to how he talks.
Jung Woo, come and eat.
It's the sashimi you like so much.
No, thank you. I'm really fine.
Sit down. Don't make me eat alone.
You can go home now.
Why? I'm glad to see Jung Woo.
Jung Woo, here eat this.
I have something to talk to Jung Woo about.
Jung Woo, just look at how obnoxiously this man can act.
- Really! - This woman...!
Hey, didn't Lee Su Hyun come looking for you?
Why did you tell her all that?
That girl... phew, her temper is really something.
She was all up in arms, asking me why I stopped the investigation.
I did as you said and stopped the investigation.
What are you going to do now?
Whenever I think of you, my chest becomes tight and it drives me crazy.
I ask myself if I should just let you take revenge on your father.
Then I worry about what Mi Yeon would think from her grave.
No matter how hard I think, I don't know what will undo...
the tangled mess your life has become.
What should I do?
Where were you? You didn't answer your phone.
Baek Sil Jang is acting a little strange.
He's preparing a lot of money,
in cash, not check.
How much?
I'm not too sure but I think it's more than a billion won.
And you don't know how he'll use it?
This is Lee Su Hyun.
What is it? There's nothing more for me to say.
I was hoping to meet for a minute.
Who are you?
I wanted to say goodbye to you before leaving.
Where are you going?
I'm going back to America.
I don't think I will return.
Does Jung Woo know you're leaving?
We mean nothing to each other now, so there's no reason for him to know.
Remember when you said you didn't understand why
Jung Woo is working for Chairman Jang?
Jung Woo is...
Chairman Jang's son.
This is a fact that only Jung Woo and I know.
Even Chairman Jang Min Ho doesn't know.
How can that be possible?
It's too long a story for me to tell.
Anyway, it's because of this complicated mess
that Jung Woo is suppressing the feelings he has for you.
What happened?
I have two fathers.
One is a father who doesn't even know I exist,
and the other is one,
someone who allowed an orphan to experience the love of a father.
He was more a father to me than my own.
That man is... Detective Hyun.
I resolved to do anything you wanted me to do,
but this time, I couldn't bring myself to do as you asked.
I will pay whatever the price for my decision.
Even if you want to kick me out,
I will accept it with no regrets.
I thought that you wouldn't care about anything as long as you got my approval.
But you do have principles after all.
To do away with Detective Hyun...
it was stepping over the line.
Forget what I've said.
What I mean by what I just said
is that I no longer want you as a servant,
but as someone by my side for a very long time.
Get up.
What's wrong with you?
Did something happen?
You haven't heard?
Last night, Detective Hyun had an accident.
He died.
In Sook.
How could this happen?
How could...
How could this happen?
Detective, why are you there like that?
I'm not hearing correctly and I'm not seeing correctly, right?
Don't just sit there!
Say something!
Please, just say something.
As I watch you go farther away from me,
I imagine your face.
Drenched by my tears, crying for me.
Did you do it?
It isn't you?
I'm sure it's not you.
Even if the Chairman ordered you,
I know you couldn't do that to Detective Hyun.
Then, who could it have been?
They say it was just a traffic accident.
But I don't believe that.
Is it the Chairman?
Or was it Baek Sil Jang?
I heard that Chairman Yoo Kwang Soo is launching a new business.
What is that?
It involves airlines.
Airline business?
What does that mean?
To enhance their business with the golf course, hotel resort, and the casino,
Chairman Yoo contracted with the airlines to cater for Chinese and Japanese tourists.
Yoo Kwang Soo has that kind of financial ability?
I don't know how they're financing this deal...
but if they succeed, it will a huge advancement.
Right now, the key to the Chinese and the Japanese tourists is
airline participation.
Look into how they're financing this.
I'm in the middle of an important meeting with the Chairman.
If there's something to report, do it later.
What is it?
Detective Hyun... is dead.
Were they your orders?
Kim Jung Woo!
What are you talking about?
You think I'm responsible for it?
If that was the case,
what would my reaction have been last night when you said you couldn't do it?
I'll say it again.
I'm neither that foolish nor that ignorant to do away with a detective.
was it you, Manager?
You bastard...
What is this?
How dare you march in here and utter your nonsense!
Get out now.
Answer him.
Did you do this?
No, I didn't.
I will excuse your behavior today knowing of your relationship with the detective.
You may leave now.
What's this all about?
I tried... but failed.
The fact that Hyun Ki Sang was looking into me is probably known by others in the department.
This might create some headaches so be prepared.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Kang Rae...
Jung Woo... is Chairman Jang's son.
This is a fact that only Jung Woo and I know.
Even Chairman Jang Min Ho doesn't know.
How can that be possible?
It's too long a story for me to tell.
Anyway, it's because of this complicated mess
that Jung Woo is suppressing the feelings he has for you.
Shouldn't you be getting ready to leave?
If you want to make the flight, you need to leave now.
Lee Su Hyun!
I can't leave today.
Why not?
I need to see Jung Woo in order to confirm something.
You are really...
These past few days when I looked at you, I wondered if you were the Lee Su Hyun I know.
By the way...
You know the detective that you've asked to look into your parents' accident?
Was it Detective Hyun?
He had an accident.
What do you mean?
I heard he died last night in a traffic accident.
- Here you go. - Thank you very much.
Kang Rae, have a seat. Sit and rest now.
Se Dol, you come and sit too.
I, honestly... I can't believe this.
How can the sweet spirited detective...
By what? An accident?
How could he die so suddenly?
Does that make any sense?
There's a possibility that this was not just an accident.
Detective Son, what are you saying?
That is...
Please don't tell In Sook.
I'm thinking this might be murder made to look like an accident.
Please explain what you're saying.
Detective Hyun has been investigating Chairman Jang.
You mean Chairman Jang of Dae Jeong Group?
Yes. But since he's very powerful around here,
there were demands that he stop investigating and even threats from Dae Jeong Group.
Detective Hyun was even threatened?
Who threatened him?
The one that is currently serving as his assistant, Kim Jung Woo.
That kid, Detective Hyun treated him like his own son.
That's not true.
You've misunderstood, Detective Son.
Kim Jung Woo may by working for Chairman Jang,
but he would never threaten Detective Hyun.
Maybe he did it for the Detective's sake,
but he did tell him to stop the investigation.
Jung Woo that bastard... I'll...
You still want to protect Jung Woo?
He's just a mad dog.
If the Chairman orders it, he'll bite whoever, no matter what!
Jung Woo is here.
You bastard, what are you here for?
Get out! You have no rights to offer your condolences.
Get out you bastard!
- Get out. - Stop it.
- Stop it. - Get up.
Stop it.
Is it true that you threatened Detective Hyun?
Say something, you bastard!
Are you human?!
You bastard! How can you do such thing to Detective Hyun?
Kang Rae, stop it.
- Are you human?! - Stop it.
Stop it. How can you fight in a mourning hall like this?
All of you, stop it.
Whenever I think of you, my chest becomes tight and it drives me crazy.
I ask myself if I should just let you take revenge on your father.
Then I worry about what Mi Yeon would think from her grave.
No matter how hard I think, I don't know what will undo...
the tangled mess your life has become.
What should I do?
I watch you going away from me,
farther and farther away.
Through my tears, the image I see is of you crying.
My tears are calling out to you.
Give me a sign that you hear.
That you will come back to me... please.
I'm starting a new business.
I believe it's something you would be very intersted in.
As long as you have Jackson by your side,
there is no business of yours that I would be intested in.
Hear me out first, please hyung-nim!
You've been so busy making your money...
Excuse me for saying this,
but haven't you heard enough criticism?
You've already accumulated your wealth,
shouldn't you now get some recognition?
Recognition? Does that put food in your mouth?
Don't be like that, think of your daughter.
Shouldn't you leave a legitimate business for her?
For that daughter's sake you think so much of?
What is this new business of yours?
It's the aviation business.
The aviation buiness?
You think that's something possible with your means?
With your help, yes, it is.
It is a small scale operation.
With just a few planes, we can get it going.
Yes, I heard it from Baek Sil Jang.
The stocks of the golf course and casino must be guaranteed.
Then, there will be no problems.
I got it.
Let's do it that way then.
You're investing in a new business?
I was accused of being a ruthless loan shark.
At my age, perhaps I should invest in some proper businesses.
That's right.
Have you thought about what you want to do?
Tell me.
The money that you've earned, I want to do something meaningful with it.
How you made that money brought pain to others.
I would like to make up for you.
That you want to make up to the people for the pain I've caused in making my money...
thank you for that.
I convinced Chairman Moon.
How did you do that?
I just scratched the itch that he had.
Just know that we will be selling the stocks of the golf course and casino.
I thought it would be difficult for you because of me.
It's more than I expected.
I know Chairman Moon.
How do you think he made so much money?
Where money is concerned, he can be completely emotionless.
It's over with you and Chairman Moon's daughter, isn't it?
Then everything's okay.
Don't worry about money and just move forward.
Get up.
Don't you have a lot of things to do?
Why are you here like this?
Baek Sil Jang is really something.
Oh, what about Jung Woo?
That kid... It's taking longer than I thought.
Do you want me to drag him out?
Leave him alone.
After wallowing for a few days, he'll get himself up.
Tell the office that he's very ill and you, watch out for him.
Did the funeral go okay?
Thank you for giving us the time off.
I know it was hard on you.
Now let's focus on work.
Yes, sir.
What is it?
There is a strange customer in the VIP room.
Weird in what way?
He harasses the customers around him and they're all put off by him.
Are you saying that he's harassing the ladies?
No, he...
He's a man harassing other male customers.
We'll go take a look.
Let's go.
Come, come, come, come, come!
Come, come!
I beg you.
Let's go.
Oh, yeah.
Okay! Nice!
Oh yes, nice! Nice!
Nice Show! 1-2-3-4 sides!
I'm finished with my game.
Watashi... What is he saying? What's he saying?
He is saying he's finished.
I say... You fellow...
Backing out at a time when the cards are so good, it's your loss.
You are so cute.
So noisy!
So noisy!
He's speaking Korean, so cute.
Why are you like this? Why are you like this?
- Guest. - What
You can't act like that here.
This fellow is really mean, let me tell you guys.
Hey! I am V..V..V..I..P!
Isn't this guy Jimmy?
You bastard, you're dead.
Where are my diamonds?
My diamonds! Hand over my diamonds!
Let go.
Can you be a little more gentlemanly and say it with words?
Gentlemanly? You want to see gentlemanly?
Come here, you!
I'm thinking you're asking for trouble.
Sweetheart, I'm Jimmy.
My friend!
Save me, save me...
Even when you lose your mind you do it in English, hah!
What happened?
I think I went berserk back then...
We went even more berserk, do you know?
I know, I know...
But you become even more handsome when you get mad.
Are you going to continue with that nonsense!
Calm down.
Why are you here?
Ah, I guess you can say it was a divine intervention.
Thank you, God.
So sorry. Okay?
Okay, okay.
I got it.
Are you okay now?
Since you're alright now, it's time to get back to work.
Do you want to start with Baek Sil Jang?
- No. - Why not?
We already have concrete evidence.
Sending him off in one go is too good for him.
I think it would be better for him to see me taking away his wealth and position.
I heard that you were ill. Are you alright now?
I apologize if I have worried you.
Let's eat.
We will be taking over Joong Moon Casino very soon.
Chairman Yoo and Mi Ran,
will not hand over Joong Moon Casino easily.
How I'm going to do it...
you'll have to wait and see.
Once we've taken over Joong Moon Casino, Kim Jung Woo...
I plan to put it in your hands.
What is the reason for you treating Kim Jung Woo like this all of a sudden?
We need someone who will jump in without hesitating.
Chairman Jang Min Ho, in order to get Joong Moon casino, used dirty tricks.
Jang Min Ho that bastard...
If both of you are willing to let me handle it, I'll give it a shot.
I... raced towards the same dream as yours.
My dream has already been shattered.
Did you know about an old lady Detective Hyun used to care for?
The Chairman all of a sudden, ordered us to find her grandson.
Thanks to d-addicts
What rings in my ears
are only the sounds of your voice.
The words you whispered, whispered
when you called my name.
What rings in my ears
are only the sounds of your voice.
The words you whispered, whispered.
when you called my name.
They ring in my ears.
I must not have been ready yet,
although I'm not sure I can do it alone.