Basin Wrench to Remove a Faucet - Tools For The Home

Uploaded by hardwarehelper on 29.09.2012

a great do it yourself project is replacing a faucet
whether it's your bathroom or kitchen
it's a good diy project
the tool to help make this job easy, is the basin wrench
or plumbers thumb
the space between the wall and the bowl is tight
and in most cases, it is very difficult to get a wrench in here

once you are under the sink
the head on this tool rotates 180 degrees
so you can loosen or tighten the nuts on a faucet
you can also remove and connect the supply lines

the head is spring-loaded to lock onto the nut
the handle gives you a lot of torque
so you would slid it up from below
and lock it on the nut
and it is easy to remove the supply line
the handle is simple to use
putting the supply line back on is done the same way
you can hand tighten the nuts, then use the basin wrench to lock it in place

very simple in a tight space

excellent tool for your toolbox when doing plumbing

the plumbers thumb