SFUO Executives ~ 2012-2013

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My name is Ethan, and I am the President of the Student Federation of the University of
So as the president, I am charged with the smooth running of the Federation. So that
includes making sure the executive is all on track, all of the VP's are doing their
jobs and I'm able to help them out to do their jobs in whatever way I possibly can. I'm also
the one that gets a lot of the complaints and the praise, so it's really fun and can
be really challenging at the same time.
The thing I love most about my jobs is not knowing what I'm going to do on a daily basis.
I can come in and face all sorts of challenges that I need to come up with creative solutions
for and I do them working with everyone, working, volunteering, engaged with the Student Federation
of the University of Ottawa.
My name is Kate Hudson, and I've the Vice President of Student Affairs.
I'm responsible for most of the Federations student services with the help of the services
coordinator, Dave, and the federations over 250 student clubs with the help of the clubs
coordinator, Gwen.
What I like most about my work is the opportunity to provide a service and to try tanned meet
the needs of the student population. As well, our services and clubs offer loads of opportunities
to get involved, whether it be through volunteer or simply meeting someone with similar interests.
Hello, I'm Jozef Spiteri and I'm the VP Social for the Student Federation.
As VP Social, I have the responsibility to take care of the social programming on both
campuses. This entitles me to the planning of 101 Week with the other VP Socials for
the federated bodies, and Winter Challenge, and any events in between, so Ball programming,
Movember fundraisers.
What I truly like in my position is the reaction of people during events and the reaction of
people: it can be as simple as a person smiling and with the volunteers, they make the event
happen. I can come up with an outrageous idea and if it wasn't for them, this couldn't happen
half the time.
My name is Anne-Marie Roy and I am the Vice President in Communications for the Student
Federation of University of Ottawa.
So I take care of the Marketing and the Promotions for the Student Federation of the University
of Ottawa. I make sure that the events and the initiatives taken on by our services,
as well as our departments and clubs are well promoted, not only on campus, but also on
the web through social media and the website. I'm also the media contact for media requests
for the Student Federation.
What I love the most about my job is dealing with the media. It's a really cool experience
and it also allows me to talk about student issues and get them known not only on campus,
but also off campus.
Hi, my name is Adam Gilani and I'm the Vice President of Finance at SFUO.
My portfolio include a diversity of responsibilities that keep me busy everyday. On the finance
side, I get to prepare and maintain the budget for all aspects of the SFUO, which includes
our departments, including campaigns, social, philanthropic and all of our the services.
In addition to that I'm also responsible for our 4 student business: agora as our bookstore,
cafe alt, the student bar 1848, and PIVIK as our general store.
I enjoy working everyday knowing that I'm working for students. Whether that's saving
students money through our business, improving the student experience through our services,
or just knowing that I'm fighting for students rights.
My name is Liz Kessler and I'm the Vice President University Affairs of the SFUO.
My job as Vice President University Affairs is to ensure that students needs and voices
and rights are being paid attention to, that the government and university are listening
to us, so whether that's because we want an affordable education, whether that's because
we want more accessible classrooms, whether we want childcare on our campus. Whatever
it is that students want to see at our university, it's my job to make sure that people are listening.
I really like campaigning, I really like talking to students about what they want to see in
our campus. What's great is that I often get to see the very concrete results of my work
in changes
the university makes.