Resident Evil 4D Bloopers

Uploaded by dnacastdotcom on 17.10.2012

Area's clear.
Fuck! Why did I change?!
All that fuss for nothing.
Sorry Bastian.
All clear.
What am I supposed to say?
I just killed the last one.
I heard it so much that I know it by heart.
That's bad. We have to cut off.
Shit! No!
What are you doing?
He's saying NO
We live together, or die together.
No girl talk to me like this. "Jusqu'à maintenant" (Until now).
Anyway , you were not looking at me.
Wait, do I have to kiss him now?
Yes. Go go go go.
No, now we have to do it again.
No girls cares about me like now. Damn!
Why are you laughing?
It was on purpose!